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(Source: The Financial Express)

PM Modi hits back at Rahul Gandhi: Don’t need lessons on Hinduism from Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hit back at Rahul Gandhi for his Hinduism remarks and said that those who called Lord Rama a fictional character and objected to the construction of Somnath temple are now preaching Hinduism. In 2007, the Congress-led UPA government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that there was no historical evidence of the characters in Ramayana.

Addressing a rally in Jodhpur, PM Modi said that Somnath temple was destructed multiple times by foreign invaders. “After the country got freedom, Sardar Patel decided to remove that legacy by constructing Somnath temple again. But, the Prime Minister (Jawahar Lal Nehru) was not in favour and objected to the move,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi further said: “After the construction was complete and then President Rajendra Prasad decided to open the temple, even then the first Prime Minister objected to the move and now these Congressmen are talking about Hinduism.”

Speaking on the agrarian crisis and recent protests, the Prime Minister said that the Congress sat on Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations for years and it was his government which implemented them after coming to power. He then attacked the Congress government of doing nothing for farmers in all these years.

The Prime Minister said: “Those wearing rose on their suits knew nothing about farming but still ruled this country for years. “If Sardar Patel had become the prime minister, the farmers would not have been in this mess.”



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