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Piyush Goyal Challenges Germany as he gears up to make Varanasi 100% clean energy city before Munich achieves it in 2025.
India’s energy and mines minister Piyush Goyal issued the spontaneous challenge at Intersolar Europe in Munich.

Piyush Goyal Challenges Germany as he gears up to make Varanasi 100% clean energy city before Munich achieves it in 2025.

The Indian Power and Coal mines Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal, has  surprised everyone when he announced that Varanasi, the parliamentary seat of PM Narendra Modi will be a 100% clean energy city before 2025 much ahead of Germany’s Munich. The German City, Munich is scheduled to achieve this goal by 2025.

Power Minister Shri Piyush Goyal, also a rank holder Chartered Accountant and a rank holder law graduate, while speaking at the Indo-German Energy Forum at Intersolar Europe, mentioned in his speech that German City Munich, which has a population of more than a million, already has a target to have a 100% clean electricity supply by 2025.

While in his inspiring speech further he added that the oldest city in the world, Varanasi, which also has a population of over a million, challenge Munich to become the first fully green-powered city.

The Power Ministry under the charge of Shri Piyush Goyal, has already made an ambitious target of having 175GW of renewable energy from sources like solar, wind and other renewable means.

He also through his speech sent an invitation to the Germany and other stakeholders to be a part of his Varanasi plan, which would send a statement across the world as a confirmation of the energy transition. He also stated that “Let’s together show the world what can be done in making the world’s oldest city the world’s first city to be 100% powered by clean energy”.

Mr Goyal have instructed power ministry officials to start working on the Varanasi plan including the storage and distribution infrastructure required for the same once back to India.

Mr Goyal, an investment banker, had also instructed the officials to initiate conversations with the German Development Agency GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) having presence globally and to bring up a special credit line and make the agency part of his Varanasi plan. He also proposed a partnership with the state-run EESL, which can help India leapfrog and distribute energy efficiency products across the globe.

In order to facilitate better interaction between German and Indian companies, Shri Goyal recommended that International Solar Alliance (ISA) Secretariat start holding monthly matchmaking meetings in collaboration with Industry Associations like CII, FICCI etc. These meetings would include German and Indian companies including financing firms. Gradually, ISA can take such a model to all its member countries.

The Minister also explored areas like potential availability of good technical assets in stressed solar companies in Germany, long term funding, grid balancing, electric vehicles development, off grid systems, green energy corridors and long term funding.


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