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People’s CM mesmerised FLO members with his open and frank remarks

People’s CM mesmerised FLO members with his open and frank remarks

At an interactive session with FICCI Ladies Organisation, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal impressed the members with his honest and frank remarks.

‘Revolutionising the fields of education and Health, AAP government headed by Kejriwal has gained huge support from people all over the country. This has earned him a tag of “People’s CM” and has made him a leader of common man across the nation” said Harjinder Kaur Talwar, President FLO.

Talking about his government’s various successful initiatives in the past five years to provide the basic amenities to the common man at the most economical price without compromising with the quality, he didn’t shy away from admitting the not so successful attempt at controlling pollution and making Delhi safe for women. “The measures are being taken continuously towards improving the situation of both”, he said while announcing that the Delhi government will administer pledge to male students at all schools to behave well with girls and not indulge in crimes against women.

The chief minister said the Aam Aadmi Party government has taken several steps to ensure women’s safety in the national capital. “Our government has decided to light up dark spots by installing two lakh street lights. We have also deployed marshals on buses to ensure the safety of women,” he said. Kejriwal said there is a need to improve policing in the country.

Regarding Pollution Control, he said the stubble can be converted into CNG and coal and infact, this is a good business opportunity which could be taken up the women entrepreneurs. Also, the government is tying up with a Washington Lab to know the exact causes of pollution during various time periods of the year. “Once we know the cause, then only we can work towards it”, he said

On this occasion, Kejriwal also unveiled a Survey done by FLO on Sanitation & Hygiene of urban poor women. Stressing upon the menstrual hygiene, FLO president Harjinder Kaur requested the CM to kindly move the sanitary napkins from miscellaneous item list to medicinal item list. This will help the government to control the quality and price of sanitary napkins and the cost will be within the reach of urban poor women to afford.

And before he left, he asked the women entrepreneurs, the reason why Delhi loves Kejriwal and the answer was only one, “he’s the people’s CM”.


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