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Pandit Rama Krishna is accused of murder on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Pandit Rama Krishna is accused of murder on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Trouble has knocked Rama’s door again! The witty Pandit Rama Krishna(Krishna Bharadwaj)will be seen as the prime suspect of a murder that takes place in the Vijayanagar Palace. Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama is set to grab the attention of their viewers as their highly admired titular character will be seen facing yet another challenge but this time with the charges of a violent crime.The episodes further will take the viewer’s through some shocking revelations as the show continues to receive immense love and support for its gripping storyline blended with Rama’s wit and humour.

Unusual events start unfolding in Vijayanagar as people start coming to the darbaar, accusing Rama of various misconducts. It begins when some men enterthe darbaar and blame Rama for not returning their money. The entire darbaar is shocked on learning this and the KingBalakumara(Shakti Anand) gives Rama three days to prove his innocence. If this wasn’t enough, on his way home, a woman approaches him and claims Rama to be her husband. Vijayanagar is stunned as they come to know about Pandit Rama Krishna’s alleged second marriage.

The next day while making his way to the King’s Palace, Rama thinks of ways to prove his innocence and get himself out of this chaos, right when, some soldiers spread the news that Rama has killed the King’s guard. Kaikala(Vishawajeet Pradhan) sends his men behind Pandit Ramaas he runs to save his life.

Why is Pandit Rama Krishna being accused of such misconducts? Will Rama Krishna be able to save himself now?

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Pandit Rama Krishna said,“Pandit Rama Krishna will be facing one of the most challenging situations ahead of him. He has been accused of certain crimes that no one can ever expect him to do. So, it will be interesting for our viewers to watch as how Rama uses his wit and intelligence to understand why he is being accused. The episodes further reveal some shocking secrets as Pandit Rama Krishna embarks on the journey of uncovering this challenge.”

Shakti Anand, playing the role of the King Balakumara said, “Balakumara is stunned as complaints against Pandit Rama Krishna starts pouring in the darbaar. It is very unlikely that Rama Krishna would cause any trouble in the kingdom. The King has given Rama three days to clear himself of all the accusations and prove his innocence. The King will be required to make a huge decision and it will be interesting to watch for our viewers how Pandit Rama clears the air in the upcoming episodes and what will the King finally decide.”

Watch PanditRama Krishnakasach on Tenali Rama every Monday – Friday at 7:30pm only on Sony SAB


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