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Padmaja Bharti - Reaching new heights as Author, Designer and Influencer

Padmaja Bharti – Reaching new heights as Author, Designer and Influencer

Padmaja Bharti is the author of the national bestselling books – Wondering of Indian International Ethics and Rhime of time. She is also an acknowledged designer, a skilled content creator, a keen blogger, and a rising social media influencer.

Using all her experience from the design industry, Padmaja, an alumnus of NIFT Kolkata, regularly writes fashion articles for various websites and media platforms. Her unique content on Instagram and Facebook is garnering a lot of engagement. She has been marked by India’s top marketing agency Digital Golgappa as one of the best content creators on Instagram. No wonder why the brands collaborate with her for promotional activities.

During one of the live celebrity sessions on Instagram, Padmaja Bharti shared her journey as an author. Since childhood, she used to write secret notes and poetry. However, she started working on her writing abilities in 2018. Her inquisitive mind opened the doors of a remarkable writing career. The transformation of an angry bird to a lady with a heart is an inspiration to many.

Several prominent influencers and some international sports champion players loved her books and used social media to spread the word about them. Several bestselling authors loved her work and congratulated her on entering the league through video messages.

In one of her many interviews, Padmaja Bharti mentioned that she is bold and feminist, but sensibly. And that is what she has proved herself to be through her provisions, blogs, and social media content.

Padmaja Bharti is reaching heights each day. She was recently featured as one of the top authors of India. Her books made it to the top books of 2020, as adjudged by national media. She chooses to stay grounded and simple. Arundhati Roy continues to be her inspiration in the publishing industry.

Follow her on Instagram – @padmaja0011


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