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Manhunt India'19 Auditions in Delhi

Outraged Actor Ajaz Khan walked out from ManHunt Delhi Auditions 2019

Recently, Bloomfair Presents ManHunt 2019 auditions were held in Delhi. Big Boss fame Actor Ajaz Khan was present the event as a Judge. While speaking to media, he was asked about his views on Article 375. In response, he got offended and was reluctant to speak about the issue. He also commented, ” These media persons are uneducated and haven’t done their homework.” and walked out of the auditions.

ManHunt 2019 auditions also witnessed Ms. Riitu Sood, Director manhunt India & Mr. Ahmad Kabir Shadan, National Head manhunt India. The contestants came from cities like Shimla, Haryana, Punjab, Jaipur, and UP, etc many more participated in the Auditions. Now the selected contestants would be coming for the finale to be held at ND World film studio in the first week of November along with other contestants who would be selected from different parts of India.


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