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Online doctor consultation platform launches ‘DocsApp TV’ to spread awareness about common health issues.

National, Some would say that the internet has changed the world for the better, the wiser ones among us would say otherwise. With information being readily available, a tap away on our mobiles phones to be precise; most of us often ignore expert medical advice and rely on the internet. However, the fact still stands that Dr Google & Dr Bing may be the only doctors in the world without an actual medical degree. What we fail to understand is that piecing together action plans to tackle health issues based on Google search results is counterproductive for both patients and doctors.

As a first step towards getting the right medical information to the general public, online doctor consultation platform DocsApp has launched its latest initiative, DocsApp TV. As part of the initiative, specialist doctors answer frequently asked questions on various healthcare concerns, in a series of 1-minute videos, listed on DocsApp’s YouTube channel. These questions were carefully chosen across various specialities such as General Medicine, Sexology, Skincare, Weight-Management, Haircare, Gynaecology and Psychology based on the data of 1cr queries asked on the platform. DocsApp TV is also available in five regional Indian languages which include Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu apart from English for easier access to regional medical content.

After going live in July 2019, so far DocsApp TV has generated approx. 10 hours of video content backed by the experience of its empanelled doctors. The brand hopes to build this momentum and generate more insightful content to truly make quality healthcare accessible beyond geographical boundaries. Presently, around 84% of the viewers belong to the age-group of 18-45 years with males accounting for 71% and the rest being female.

With 5 Million viewers and a cumulative 1000 hours of content consumed, DocsApp TV has been incremental in bringing about a change in the mindset of the Indian consumer towards healthcare.

“Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to healthcare. Our objective is to empower and enlighten the layman about healthcare issues and the medical options available”. said Satish Kannan, Co-founder & CEO of DocsApp.

Since the inception of DocsApp in 2015 with a mere 100 consultations per month, the platform has seen substantial growth to a mind-boggling 2 lakh patients monthly. Over 5,000 specialist doctors are consulted monthly by patients from the comfort and privacy of their homes in several languages.


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