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Now witness Alia’s new style in “Carry On Alia” on Sony SAB

Now witness Alia’s new style in “Carry On Alia” on Sony SAB

Sony SAB’s bubbly Alia gears up for a revamp with ‘Carry On Alia’. The show is all set to introduce an exciting new storyline as Alia along with other teachers embark on a new journey as television news reporters.

Fans are in for an absorbing set of events as Tara, essayed by Chhavi Pandey, is all set to leave Agra after her truth is exposed. Principal Saudamini (NeeluKohli), on the other hand, had to shut the school due to lack of profits. The move has unfortunately rendered its entire staff jobless with a big question on everyone’s minds – what happens next?

The show with a refreshing take on news reporting with Alia adding her own magic as a new anchor, is all set to enthrall its audience with the new story now set up in a news channel ”Desh Ki Dhadkan”.This new direction promises a fun-filled ride as Alia and team are set on a mission to solve fun and thrilling incidents using their journalism skills and out-of-the-box ideas. Alia will be spreading happiness as a bubbly news anchor whereas Alok will set foot as the dashing sports and health reporter.

Carry On Aliawill also introduce some fresh new faces to the audience, Jia Mustafa as a glamourous reporter, Dhadkan and actor Deepak Parikhas Vijay Bajpayee, the cunning financier of the news channel, are all set to join the show in pivotal roles.

As Alia and team are all set to bring a wave of good news to their fans, the upcoming episodes will reveal the journey of the inception of the news channel “Desh Ki Dhadkan” with all the dramatic incidents leading up to it.

Carry on Alia is a light-hearted compilation of non-fiction blended with a touch of fiction while keeping its promise of entertaining the audience with light hearted values driven content that never fails to tickle the funny bone. How this journey from the staff room to newsroom transits, will be the beginning of an exciting ride – till then ‘Carry on Alia’.

Anusha Mishra, essaying the role of Alia said,“I have always had immense respect for journalists and as a part of ‘Carry on Alia’, I am glad that I have an opportunity to play the role of an anchor. I still remember as a kid, I used to sit in front of the mirror and read the news just like an anchor would do and it used to be too much fun.My experience of being an anchor for my college events will now come to use. From the rush of the classrooms, Alia now steps into the exhilarating rush of a newsroom. The show promises much more fun and engaging storyline with new faces set to welcome new characters in the show.”

Harshad Arora, essaying the role of Alok said,“The journey from staffrooms to newsrooms will be an exciting one as fans are all set to witness a completely new chapter of Alia and Alok’s life. From a sports teacher, I will now play the role of a sports reporter and this entire journey has been nothing short of an adventure. I would urge all our fans to be a part of this journey as the show is set to witness some intriguing turn of events. All of us are having a great time shooting for Carry on Alia and I strongly feel that the fans are totally going to love it.”


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