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New Hindi song of a tech guy and the artist Prabhat Kumar

New Hindi song of a tech guy and the artist Prabhat Kumar

Prabhat Kumar’s musical journey started with his poetry book “Meri Madhushala”. His first book was published in 2012 by a Delhi-based publisher and is still available as “Meri Madhushala” with Amazon and Flipkart. His English version of Meri Madhushala is known as “Nectars Of Life” and is also available on Amazon and Flipkart. His book is a gem of powerful lyrics in the lines of “Madhushala” already written by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan and is sung by Manna Dey. You can also feel the flavor of Rumi’s poetry in his creativity. However, his other poetries are the ensemble of his own philosophy and he believes that implementation of these concepts will make the world a better place to live in. Today, Prabhat Kumar has released his new song “Pyar Jagane Aaya Hoon”. Watch it out now on his “Meri Madhushala” Channel on YouTube.

He always wanted to give music to his poetry and sing it in his own voice. His dream came true with his first-ever song “Meri Madhushala” which was released in Jan 2020 and got recognition from across India. “Meri Madhushala” is now widely searched in Google, YouTube, and other search engines with a list of songs, poetry, books, and blogs, etc. He started on releasing this music long back but after a great deal of struggle, practice in singing, and involvement of his tutor Mr. Biplov Sharma, he finally composed the song – “Meri Madhushala” and sang it in a Bangalore based studio named Suspicious Records owned by Dwaipayan Singha. The album was 1st released on his YouTube channel – “Meri Madhushala”. Subsequently, he got a chance to sing rap music “Apun Dhoom Machayega” and many other Hindi songs and poetry. His recent poetry album “Ishq Hai Saza”, “Campus Niyukti Ki Kahani” and “Main Suraj Hoon Aasman Ka” are unbeatable in terms of lyrical storytelling-based content. For his last poetry album, he worked with a known musician, Bijoy Thangaraj, the CEO of JSplash Studios Private Limited in Bangalore. His most popular song “Koi Bas Aahe Bharta Hai” is also filmed in Bangalore and has been quite popular since June 2020. All his creativity can be found on his blog – www.meri-madhushala.in and his YouTube channel – “Meri Madhushala”.

Not only that, but Prabhat Kumar is also health-conscious and has completed 4 half marathons in the last 2 years and has planned to make it a regular activity henceforth. He joined “Running Genes” in Bangalore to accomplish his monthly and yearly targets on his passion for running and health concerns. He has already completed 50 km of continuous walk organized by OXFAM in 2019 as a trailwalker challenge and his previous experience gives him the motivation to plan at least one full marathon run in near future.

He writes mainly on love, patriotism, and motivation-based concepts and is influenced by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan for his poetry and he is equally influenced by Sir Einstein for his professional excellence and he is yet to reach the desired level of expertise in scientific endeavor. Apart from musical creativity, he has already written and presented many scientific papers during the study in various colleges and one of his academically important papers on fintech subject matter was published in December 2017 by the Indian Journal of Computer Science.

This Saturday, his latest song authored by Mr. Vinod Mandaloi and sung by Prabhat Kumar is to be released on his youtube channel. This song has too many clues from history and mythology and aims to teach us that we should be soft-hearted and give proper justice to all those who are either exploited or are victims of cruelty and dishonor. It talks about understanding love and honor for one and all. It also talks about love and cares for the poor and neglected section of society. The name of the song is “Pyar Jagane Aaya Hoon” and it is available on the “Meri Madhushala” channel.

Here’s the link of song –


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