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Nargis Magazine, an inspiration of humanity to people

Nargis Magazine, an inspiration of humanity to people

If you are keen to read a clutter-free, well-curated statement on the worlds of fashion, art, beauty, history and the happenings around us, you need to log on to Nargis!

There is no dearth of women’s fashion magazines in the world, which inspired the publishers of Nargis to move away from the usual formats associated with such magazines. Diversity, paired with uniqueness and exclusivity, is the hallmark of this publication, which undertakes to “open up unlimited opportunities for enlightenment in various fields of culture.” Nargis magazine doesn’t look at fashion in the air-brushed manner as most of its competitors do. Its publishers have deliberately created a socially-informed fashion image for itself and, departing from the prevalent stereotypes, the magazine offers a plunge to its readers not just into the world of fashion but into that of culture, art, history, etc.

“I want to own everything, which means to own nothing.” This cryptic quote of legendary German novelist, Erich Maria Remarque, is something you are unlikely to associate with a magazine for Fashion, Art & Beauty. However, a popular magazine of Azerbaijan, Nargis, is different than most of its competition. That is why you will find this quote on top of its editorial for the month of August issue. Perhaps these are the words that set the tone for someone who would be new to this publication, in existence since 2012.

Seeking implementation of special projects and public campaigns, Nargis boasts of providing a unique opportunity to a creative person to have an enriching “exchange of thoughts, familiarization with the different and original ideas. Ulviyya Makhmudova, its gorgeous Editor-in-Chief at present, feels proud to present Nargis as a “publication born out of the coordinated work of a talented and creative team.” Her editorials, as mentioned above, are a delight to read, as is the whole magazine, which has content on topics as diverse as Fashion, Travel, Relationships, Beauty, History, Art, Brands, Cinema and whatnot!

From the first issue of the magazine itself, it has also published an array of interviews with celebrities from different fields like designing, theatre, academics, etc. With a printed issue in Russian language and 3 web versions in Azerbaijani, Russian & English, the magazine has a global reach and readership.


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