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Mutant Musks to Launch A Collection of Humanoid Creatures Resembling Elon Musk

Mutant Musks to Launch A Collection of Humanoid Creatures Resembling Elon Musk

With NFTs on the rise we are seeing more and more people looking to grab a piece of the pie for themselves. With many new projects popping out every day it is hard to find those that will really skyrocket.

It is easy to find projects that have already hit their peak and that are popular. What’s very hard is to find projects that are only in the making and not popular yet. This way you are guaranteed to get a place to mint and become an early adopter or “OG” as many call it.

We’ve done our research and we have a very interesting project you might want to keep a lookout for. Talking directly to one of the founders who is a high ranking member of another private NFT community. The next blue chip project will be called ‘’Mutant Musks’’.

What are Mutant Musks?

Mutant Musks will be a collection of 10,000 mutant humanoid creatures resembling the appearance of Elon Musk. It’s an unusual concept for sure, but in the NFT space it’s concepts like this that have been seeing the most success. Talking to the founder about the roadmap was fascinating and I can reveal that there is a lot to look forward to. Such as metaverse and IRL events, private community, giveaways, treasure hunts, competitions, and a lot more fun activities.

You may be asking, what kind of activities? These can range from totally random giveaways in Discord by guessing a number, online game tournaments, making memes or promotional content or even to IRL treasure hunts where you will have to scavenge your city to find the prize. The goal is to make the community interesting and truly unique, unlike anything else that is out there today.

Be ready to get immersed into the story by finding clues, solving puzzles and riddles. What intrigued me most was that Mutant Musks will be much more than just an NFT collection. It will be a playable storyline where you get to choose your own destiny.

The Story

The team has put a lot of effort into writing the lore for the project, with great creativity and many moments where you dive deep into the thoughts of the main protagonist ‘’Alen Musk’’ which is inspired by Elon Musk himself.

There are plenty of moments of suspense and recollection which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Having a deep and intricate story is one of the foundations of the project, with the founder saying “we want our community fully immersed into the journey Alen goes through”.

If you want to read the story yourself and learn more about the project follow their official Twitter account @MutantMusks and also their Instagram @MutantMusks where they will be posting all of the upcoming updates and sneak peeks.

Behind the Scenes

The ambitious team behind Mutant Musks are not new to the world of crypto. The founder himself has been a crypto pioneer since 2013. The crypto industry is unlike any other, with rapid growth also comes great volatility. A seasoned and experienced team that will not break with the first bear market is a good sign for the success of any project, and that is exactly what we’re seeing here.

The team plans on giving away 50% of all secondary market sale fees straight back to the community. When I asked how they plan to do this the founder said “we have many creative ideas in which our holders can participate in various competitions, engagement and competitiveness will be key”.

On top of that they will have consistent and frequent giveaways for all members of the community. He goes on to say – “remember we’re in crypto already for many years so it is not about personal gain, we want to give back to our community as much as possible”.

What Makes Mutant Musks Different?

Other than giving 50% back to the community (which is completely unheard of) Mutant Musks have a lot more prepared for you.

The founder also mentioned staking as a functionality they want to implement in the future of the project, “this is in the works and we want to add our own cool little twist to it”. What that “cool little twist” will be we’re honestly dying to know. If you are unfamiliar with staking – NFT staking is a new way to earn passive income in the crypto world and lets NFT holders lock their assets in DeFi platforms to receive rewards, all without the need to sell their NFTs.

And lastly the founder has confirmed that they are working to create “NFT sequels’’ to their first NFT collection which will follow the storyline and lore of Mutant Musks. These NFT sequels will allow you to unlock further levels of the community and will ultimately be used inside the Mutant Musks metaverse spanning over multiple planets and galaxies. Really fascinating things are coming. To keep up with Mutant Musks and get in on this next blue chip follow them on Twitter @MutantMusks and Instagram @MutantMusks where they’ll be posting the latest updates on their progress, development, competitions, giveaways and a LOT of other cool stuff!


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