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Monis Khan, A passionate actor is all set to appear in a feature film with Siddharth bhardwaj

Monis Khan, A passionate actor is all set to appear in a feature film with Siddharth bhardwaj

Not all dreams become a part of our destiny, but for those who do, instead of a lack, people show the motivation of a kind. They cherish the beginning and appreciate every single ups and down which that leads to one’s ultimate destination. Monis Khan is a starter of one such small beginning which began from his birthplace Meerut, continued along to Muzaffarnagar and then with him shifting to Noida for studies, led him along his way. But as we know, a journey doesn’t end unless we or our destiny wishes to bring an end to it, and Monis had yet a lot to see. He began his theatre in Delhi, worked hard, saw a dream, and finally shifted to Mumbai, with little experience, nothing for contacts, and a mind, which just wished to learn.

Not all make a big start, but no matter how small it begins, people do get to understand with time, what one’s soul carries, and what one is capable of. Well, for Monis, this small start began with daily soaps ad, Savdhan India, Crime alert, Crime stories, Khakhi, and slowly made it’s way up to Bollywood. His first feature film was ORIO, where he worked with Freddy Daruwala which is under production as of now. He recently even bagged his second film with a well-known platform as a second lead with Siddharth Bhardwaj, who was previously seen in some movies including Sui Dhaga, Dream Girl, Delhi crime, NH-10, and web series like PataalLok. Monis is having a great time learning in connection with Siddharth and taking a little from his experience; after all, his work is truly appreciable.

As for Monis, life is full of drama and life. People thrive only when they survive, and he is the master of all. From his first movie to the second, he is making progress and learning along his way. Even in his upcoming second movie, he is highly motivated about the role he’s about to play. For him, every single rule counts and leads towards the experience which one holds in Bollywood, and for the people he is working with, he understands the opportunity provided by them and thankful for them trusting him. He says, “I am not an experienced personality but for whatever I hold, I shall use it within my work, after all, the trust people maintain over me and my work, it is due to something and that something, I do know how to take it ahead and become the right holder.”

The best part of his life is his never forget to thank every person out there who ever help him and made him motivated enough to follow his path. He also thanks to his parents and in specifically, his maternal grandfather, whom he considers his idol. Well, he is what he is, and for whatever path he moves ahead to, it is for sure he won’t forget the people with whom he began his journey and the ones who he continues with.

Monis and his talents being a charm, he even had made a lot of friends, and his quality to appreciate them and give them the importance they deserve is what made him move ahead. He came to Mumbai without contacts, just with his theatre knowledge, but who knew, who knew that this lad would bring upon the best and will lead his path towards what he always desired for. Well, none knew apart from who saw his talent, motivated him, and let him walk along his way, providing opportunities. Not all get this, which is why the “Hard work given by him, it never comes with a lack.”


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