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Mohit Ranjan- Changing the Digital Marketing space with Growth Hacking

Mohit Ranjan- Changing the Digital Marketing space with Growth Hacking

Time has changed, and so has the concept of marketing. From being traditional to taking a shift in Digital Marketing and today, entering as Growth Hacking, it’s not just the terms, but a lot of evolvement exists behind it. Talking about Growth Hacking, it is the new trend referred to as an Umbrella term, wherein strategies focus solely on growth. For start-ups, which need massive growth in a short time, with a small budget, this is where Growth Hacking strategies come into function, intending to acquire more customers with lesser spending. Hearing this, the question does pop up in the head, so how are the Digital Marketers different than the Growth Hackers? Well, it’s about the growth, where on the one hand the former tries to increase brand awareness and improve audience engagement, adapting and evolving over time, on the other hand, the later holds a strong presence in start-ups, focusing on growing business, irrespective of departments it might include and deliver volatile results, based on the short-term factors of novelty. Understanding upon such concepts, many Growth Hackers have started to work on an individual level, like Mohit Ranjan, based in Pune, Maharashtra.

Today, Mohit works as a freelancer Growth Hacker and is a Law Student from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. At the age of 20, focusing on his career plans and maintain his passion, Mohit is changing the space of Digital Marketing with his Growth Hacking skills and knowledge. He belongs from Ranchi Jharkhand and completed his schooling from Bokaro. Since the start, he has been open to new ideas and conversations, which made him learn things and have some serious tone conversations about technology. He wanted to evolve his passion for technology and the love for Growth Hacking. He knew he had to make a start, and age didn’t seem to him as a boundary. It was standard 8th when he started to learn Digital Marketing, and by 16, he got out to the dynamic world of knowledge and evolvement, working as a freelancer. When all were busy thinking about the stream they wish to continue, he worked as a professional freelancer.

As of today, Mohit has several blogs, like LearnP2P, Law Primis. Not just this, he, at his age, has worked with 21 brands, varied start-ups, helping them towards the line of growth and success. His techniques are different, and the words of his clientele do describe the same. He knows, where and what the requirement is, and this is why, people, brands, start-ups, they trust him for growing their online presence using his Growth Hacking techniques. His specialization exists in Instagram and LinkedIn Growth Hacking, through both paid and organic methods.

He says, “Ideas emerge, when you evolve and evolvement comes, when you truly love something and Growth Hacking, this is what I love and my passion towards it, will continue to move ahead.”

Talking to Mohit is an opportunity as his mind runs better than ours, and by the time requirements are put forward, his mind already has ideas to share. He works smart, and speed comes with it. Today, he also has plans for starting a Growth Hacking agency in India. He wants to help as much as he can, as for him, “Helping brings in research and ideas and this is where the mind starts to work and this is how I evolved and changed from projects to projects, helping brand, who needed an online support.”

When expertise like Mohit exists, the new will always happen to be seen, and it is just a matter of time to see, adapt, and connect with such a person who has so much to offer the world.


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