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(Source: The Financial Express)

Modi in Rawanda: Why India has gifted 200 cows to the East African nation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gifted as many as 200 cows to Rwanda during his historic visit to the East African nation that began today.

Wondering why? Well, gifting bovines at the Rweru Model Village is an important part of PM Modi’s programme in Rwanda and India’s contribution to the host country’s popular ‘Girinka’ scheme.

‘Girinka’ (one cow per poor family program) is a social security scheme personally overseen by Rwandan President Paul Kagame. It is an interesting scheme that even India can implement to improve economic condition of poorest families and farmers.

Under Girinika scheme, the Rwandan government gifts dairy cows to poorest families and the first female calf born to the cow is gifted to the neighbour, which helps promote brotherhood and solidarity.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Republic of Rwanda, the scheme was launched to reduce child malnutrition rate and increase household incomes of poor farmers. “These goals are directly achieved through increased access to, and consumption of milk, by providing poor households with a heifer. The program is crucial to addressing the fundamental needs of those parts of the country that are critically food insecure,” says the official website of the ministry.


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