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Michael Alf

Michael Alf Gives Vital Tips For Success In Entrepreneurship

Michael Alf is a man on a mission to help people leverage technology to get the best work experience. He is a native of Kiel, Germany, who worked with the global company Capgemini. He worked in both the company’s German and Australian locations before finally deciding to venture into entrepreneurship.

Alf, who is the author of ‘The Virtual Summit Formula’, explores how technology will affect the future. He took his expertise and futuristic mindset to develop the company New World Events. This company caters to the modern-day need for virtual spaces to host digital and hybrid events.

What Alf believes is vital to becoming an entrepreneur

Alf created and continues to operate New World Events with a strong level of professionalism. While for most of his career he worked in the corporate world where he would operate under the guidelines established by the company, as an entrepreneur, he had to create a foundation for his team guided by a vision for success. Alf, a high-performance coach, understands the habits that can help to kickstart success and help people become a better version of themselves.

For those persons looking to venture into the world of entrepreneurship and are looking for success tips, Alf can provide beneficial advice. He believes that some essential ingredients for successful entrepreneurship include doing less, creating a portfolio, and mixing things up.

Do less

It is said that to be everywhere is to be nowhere. Often, entrepreneurs get caught up doing many different things at once and not having a balance. While it is normal to have multiple interests and feed our curiosities, it is vital to remain focused on the most relevant and promising things.

Creating a portfolio

Alf explains that sometimes entrepreneurs share stories of attaining major success after “jumping from the cliff and then building the plane on the way down”. These stories give a heroic view of business, and while they do happen, it is not common. Hence, he recommends that people create portfolios and focus on what will bring in immediate cash to deal with the costs. A portfolio is ideal for helping the business realize its growth areas or strengths and gather the resources needed to achieve them.

Mix things up

Alf says diversity is essential for a company to reap true success. His team has people from six countries, various nationalities, and is comprised of more than 50% women. This diversity is excellent and leads to more progressive decisions for the company.

He explains, “Diversity is, for me, one of the key things to consider in a business, especially when you work internationally. It is important to open up and have different people on your team.”

Final thoughts

Alf is committed to helping people reach their actual goals. As an entrepreneur and founder of New World Events, he has the right expertise to help budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals. For him, having a portfolio, mixing things up and maintaining diversity are keys to success.


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