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Meet Wanderers of Delhi - Your everyday update for Food

Meet Wanderers of Delhi – Your everyday update for Food

Food is something that connects everyone around the world. Every place has their own cuisine that makes it special. Aastha Thakur and Rishabh Bhandari are two food bloggers who are on a mission to discover all these places. They have a page on Instagram named “Wanderers of Delhi” where they have 126k followers. They started together during their college times when they would just plan and set out to find a new place in Delhi but then it was just because of their unending love for food. Then in November, they decided to start their own page.

Rishabh has done B.Tech in IT from Amity University and Aastha has completed her Masters from National Law Institute University. While both of them are faculties they haven’t stopped their quest. They have even collaborated with brands like Nokia, Doritos, Tata Salt and Lays and with hotels like Regenta LP Vilas and Radisson Noida.

They have started with their YouTube page as well with the same name and they try cover food, travel and lifestyle in that. When asked what makes them stand out from other food bloggers they said, “We want our audience to relate to the content we post no matter their age or economic status. That is the reason we try to cover every place from a 5-Star restaurant to a roadside Dhaba. Also, we do mention the price and the location so then our audience knows more and more details about it.”

When it comes to influencers or anyone working in an unconventional field people are interested in knowing how they make money. To this they said, “People say there is a lot of competition in the market now and it is tough to earn by blogging but isn’t this the same case everywhere. You have to be consistent, determined and innovative in whatever work you do. For us money does comes secondary since this page is more of a passion but yes, we do earn through it and we love working this way. We collaborate with brands and we also work as PR managers for various F&B brands across Delhi/NCR.”

Wanderers of Delhi is now a very renowned name in the food industry and they have profiles in almost all the social media platforms and are growing strong day by day. Does this mean they have achieved success? “Success is a very subjective term. What might be as success for us might not be the same for you but no. We think we have a long of way to go. We have the whole world to discover so may be once we do that, then we can say something about it. We started because of the unending curiousness we had for discovering new things and as long as that curiousness is alive success is a little far away.”


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