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Meet Tushar Ganeriwal, admin of Rochak Tathya who dropped his school for his Facebook page.

Meet Tushar Ganeriwal, admin of Rochak Tathya who dropped his school for his Facebook page.

Currently, his page Rochak Tathya has reached a count of 2.6 millions people on Facebook alone and around 1 million on Instagram. Tushar Ganeriwal’s story proves that you always don’t need the money and support to fulfil your dreams; hard work and diligence are enough. Tushar has started his Facebook page in the year 2015 when he was just 15 years old, he started to gain more and more knowledge about the same that includes increasing the traffic on the page and other marketing ways. He has researched about it on YouTube and other various other platforms and gathered all the necessary information. He contacted admins of other Facebook pages to get some knowledge, but no one attended the request of this kid seriously. As a result, he got demotivated. He neither had the funds nor much knowledge but he motivated himself again with the belief that, “Once you have the determination to do something, the doors of success will automatically get opened for you.”

Tushar started providing Digital Marketing services to several clients located in Dubai and around the globe. After a few deals, he has sufficient funds to start again. He began researching and found that everybody is busy in grabbing the “Elite Audience” and no one is interested in the Rural and Hindi Speaking audience. He created a Facebook page on 26th April 2016 and targeted only Hindi Speaking people. Within 50 days, he gained more than 1 million fans on his page, and that’s quite a large success in a short time. After gaining a large amount of traffic on his page, he decided to monetise it. The idea of monetisation has resulted in great success, and he started earning a good and stable income then. His family became furious, and they thought that their 16-year-old son had caught himself into something illegal, and they started convincing him to stop all his online pages and focus on studies. But, he didn’t quit and convinced his parents to believe that Digital Marketing is a real thing. Slowly, his family started supporting him. He started researching more and more untapped niches. One day he was scrolling through his feed, and he found a fact page, Then, he realised that Hindi audience also craves for knowledge, but there is no Page available related to facts in this language. On his 17th Birthday, 28th October 2017 he Started a Facebook page named, रोचक तथ्य. This idea was a massive hit. He dropped his school and decided to complete his 12th class through external exams. He is currently pursuing BBA from Mewar University.

Right now रोचक तथ्य has more than 26 lakh followers on Facebook, around 10 lakh followers on Instagram and 20k on YouTube. He has started a new page named, “रोचक तथ्य Videos” and this pages is dedicated only to videos related to facts and current affairs. Tushar Ganeriwal says, “he is now focusing more on videos as Facebook is promoting videos more. He adds that if you are an admin and you’re not planning for videos, you’re missing a lot.” Till date he has worked with many big brands like Mahindra, Asian Paints, Ambuja Cement, Western Union, and a few shows and movies. He is next planning to give digital marketing services to Political parties, Corporates and Bollywood Artists and Films. He has also launched a new portal where people can get updates about their city. He named it “CityFever” and owns a Trademark and Copyrights for the same. It is operational in 6 Cities now, and now he is planning to expand it to 10 or more cities by 2020 end.


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