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Meet Swati Ruparel from Visual-Ways – Space Visualisations to Animations to Everything in Design

Meet Swati Ruparel from Visual-Ways – Space Visualisations to Animations to Everything in Design

Women in real estate are here to stay. Postman News presents interaction with well known designer Swati Ruparel. In a short span of time, her achievements in visualisation are outstanding. She has made a niche for herself in designing for upscale & luxuriant brands in varied sectors. She has designed for plush brands like Pepperfry, Runwal Real Estate, Aditya Infrastructure, Akhanda Constructions, Indiabulls, Mittal Builders, YK Memorial Hospital, Uy Group, M.K. Builders, The whisketiers, Khemani Developers to name a few.”

For Swati Ruparel, Working without pay to freelancing to managing & mentoring colleagues to designing for top brands & planning expansions, has been a fantastic hierarchy of growth & understanding the various tricks of the trade.

Not to forget the amazing people she has meet through work. She said. “With the fantastic real estate growth in India & the government concentrating on transparent working for the sector, women find it exciting to associate in real estate. With very few women in leadership positions, Real Estate (which has largely been male dominated) has started to acknowledge the fact that women are here to stay and are welcomed positively.”

Read on to delve into the depths of what hasn’t been much known about her as she gets candid with her joy of sharing her dreams and goals.

Here is the conversation:

• Why did you choose to be a visualiser?

I have always been a creative soul. Since childhood I remember sketching motives on all my books. Sometimes between meetings I tend to doodle along which gives life to my creative ideas. Bringing life to marketing strategies for real estate in form of visuals & animations is a good blend of my passion & takes my growth to a refined path. My grandfather was associated with many charities & lot of dinner conversations would be around the work done by various non-profits which enthused my attention towards causes. I feel completely blessed to be able to work in sectors which keeps me associated with both my passions.

Tell us more about the non-profit?

• Meal n’ Heal

1 in 7 people sleep HUNGRY, 1/3 food is wasted – do we need another GOAL? In my free time, since 2 years – I have been working towards developing a nutritional meal “Meal n’ heal” for street kids in Mumbai. I am looking forward to execute it in the coming years.

• Talk n’ Heal

Do you know? 90% of your problems are solved by TALKING it out. Today, we still have a lot of stigma around talking openly about Mental Fitness, Abuse, Sexuality Education, Adult Bullying & Gender Equality to name a few. Through “Talk” workshops in the coming future, i hope to encourage breaking stereotypes to create a more inclusive way of life.

• How do you handle the pressure of deadlines?

Once you have the dream & passion to do great work, no pressure can bring you down. Creativity is an inborn state of mind.

• What important skills do you possess to make your work a success?

It’s always about people. Technical skills is something you learn in a classroom. People management skills & the way you make a client or a colleague feel is what is going to decide your growth levels & will make you stand apart from your competitors. I knew from the start I would enjoy the fast paced & intimate competitive working environment.

Visual-Ways conceptualises Marketing Literature – 2d & 3d visualisations & Animations, Brand identity & Social media for varied sectors. Swati Ruparel can be reached on : [email protected] Instagram – @swati_ruparel and Twitter – @swati_ruparel


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