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Meet Prabhjot Singh, a passionate travel blogger who follows his heart

Meet Prabhjot Singh, a passionate travel blogger who follows his heart

Responsibility with passion, a great combination for sure. But not all know how to make a balance between the same and enjoy this short journey of life. It takes a lot to bring 4 choices in one hand and make a life of dreams. Prabhjot Singh is one such person who started with completing his B.tech in Computer Science and worked hard enough to be the best Software Developer in the multinational companies he worked in. It was a great start Prabhjot said and continued- “The journey of study brought me to the place where I was all surrounded by technology. I felt satisfied but our inner desires, they don’t let us remain the same for long. The more we grow, the more we know, not just about us but also about the world we live in. This growing and knowing, this is what arouse in me to continue my passion for bikes and travel and travelling started the creation of stories and finally these stories, led me to an idea of creating web series which is trending all over.”

Prabhjot is one lover of bikes whose knowledge about the same can beat the best around. He does not just know them, he feels them as because for him, “Until we accept what we are presented with, its for sure, we will lack behind.” He follows this rule not just in life but also with his bikes. He had covered with them a journey which remains just between both. Leh Ladakh, Nepal, and many adventurous places have been added to his memories which for sure will be cherished by him for long. He says, “it is not about how many places we visit, it is about how well we cover the journey and how well we feel every beat of our heart when we are right there experiencing the same.” His statements, his lines, his attitude towards travel is one such thing which makes us believe his true passion for not just bikes but also the road which they cover together.

But do desires ever stop.? Well, I don’t think so and neither does he. His Youtube channel and his Instagram handle which was already trending among his followers became home for all such passionate people who wanted to follow their heart and make their life a best to remember on death bed. Prabhjot truly made people believe, that this journey of love and travel, it’s a never-ending one and with every trip, there is something best to create. There, there came in a pitching idea and he presented the same among his closed ones. Talking about the same, he further added, “It was not hard to accept, it was hard to express. I went to my family and friends and presented them with something that they never expected to hear from me. A story, creativity and a desire to get my dreams a living, moving, lively life. I presented them that I want to create a web series and all of them stood their awe-stuck. It was sort of embarrassment for a minute seeing all their faces but that sudden pat on my back, it just made me believe that my people will always believe.”

This is how a young mind who started with technology and computers planned to enter the world of creativity and take a step from being a Computer Engineer to a Youtuber and finally create a web series. His ideas, his thoughts are such great inspiration for all those people who think that the 4 walls of the office are what they deserve and their life is nothing beyond it. Every moment, every single bit of it is worth the travel and every bit of those memories is meant to be penned down, might be someday, this journey leads someone to start their journey. who knows your story can be an inspiration for someone and that someone creates something out of it which is worth X whose value changes with every new equation it gets used in.


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