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Meet Mohammed Al-Bayat, a Saudi-based real estate successful entrepreneur

Meet Mohammed Al-Bayat, a Saudi-based real estate successful entrepreneur

Mohammed Al-Bayat, a known personality in real estate world, is a Saudi-based successful entrepreneur who is passionate about his business. He suggests every college graduate who wants to become an entrepreneur to find his passion, set smart goals, act swiftly, and never stop learning. This will provide the students a never give up attitude which is extremely important to become a successful entrepreneur.

If given a chance, he would choose to diversify his investment portfolio since he believes in self-motivation, innovation, self-management, and emotional intelligence. He is aware of all the market trends and relative available information about his business and investments and this is the reason which keeps him focused and productive in his day to day busy schedule. To all the budding entrepreneurs, he recommends reading and learning, adjusting to a healthy lifestyle, visualization, affirmation, and building habits and routines that ensure success.

His father being his greatest inspiration inspires him to become much more successful. He enjoys reading a lot of books and his favourites include- Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, Money by Tony Robins, The Warren Buffet way by Robert Hagstrom, The intelligent Investor by Banjamin Graham, and How to be a successful entrepreneur by Parham Donyal. The three things that he would like to change about the world are prejudice, poverty, and ignorance. He has been continuing the 400 year old legacy of family business and is focused on providing considerable value to his clients and a significant ROI.

Since he is into his family business, the name of his business suits well. Even though he received support from his father and uncle in the initial days, he worked hard day and night which helped him become a big name in his circle of investors. In order to build a successful customer base, he has been following the policy of honestly and generosity. He is honest with his customers provides a nominal incentive to his affiliates and satisfied customers. Nowadays, 95% of his Marketing activities are done through social media which is quite effective. He believes in providing a diversified environment in his organisation which involves only looking at the talent, special traits and skills of his employees.

Being an entrepreneur is demanding. Sometimes the work requires just 8 hours a day and sometimes even 18. His daily schedule is pretty much busy but he makes sure to spend some time with his family and friends. Everyday he wakes up around 7 in the morning followed by a 30 minutes work out in order to keep him fit. After a quick shower he has his breakfast and checks the important emails. His conferences and meetings keeps him busy whole day long but he usually takes a midday break during which he spends some quality time with his family. His family has always been supportive but the process of being an entrepreneur has affected them as well as him. His dream is to build his own real estate empire and this dream keeps him motivated. Besides reading, he is also interested in pulling conversations with intelligent people. This helps him generate new and fresh ideas. He visualises success as a personal. He believes that success should be balanced in every aspects of life and not only business. According to him, if a person is fully focused and has his goals in life, he will surely be able to become a successful entrepreneur. He loves his lifestyle and network and these two are his favourite aspects of becoming an entrepreneur. His best moments count building his own shopping mall and closing many large deals.

He is an inspirational person who inspires every budding entrepreneur to achieve his or her dream.


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