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Meet Mahsa Nejati - London's very own whitening Queen

Meet Mahsa Nejati – London’s very own whitening Queen

They say it is always either beauty or brains. We strongly disagree & have proof. Mahsa Nejati aka Mahsa Shoaei is a dental surgeon who can give a supermodel run for her money. Born in Iran, raised in Sweden and based in London for over a decade, she is popularly known as the whitening queen of London. Mahsa offers a unique 90-minutes smile makeover without any invasive intervention on the tooth. It was her clinic group which has the distinction of being amongst the first mercury-free clinics in the UK.

While Mahsa presents the world most beautifully through her Instagram profile, she literally carves smiles for a career. At her Covent Garden Clinic, she has performed over 25000 whitening cases. She has multiple talents and interests. Amongst fashion, property & dentistry; she chooses dentistry as her priority and her immediate goal is to set up her own brand ‘Nejati Clinic’.

Mahsa, who is a passionate soul loves to travel and is also involved with various charities across the UK. Her family has also set up a charity to help underprivileged children with education. She believes that it is her heritage and decisions that have made her the woman she is today. The multicultural background has taught her a lot about diversity & tolerance. While speaking about her charity work, she said, “I have been involved and been on the committee of some major charities in the UK. However, recently I have tried to focus on my own charity which is run by my family with a lot of input from me for less fortunate children and focused on education. I do however still support various charities that are run by my friends.”

Furthermore, talking about what it feels to do charity, Mahsa was quoted saying, “I believe that if you are privileged in life, it’s your duty to help the less fortunate. It’s by giving that I feel most fulfilled. What is a life worth if you can’t help others and what’s meaning of life if you don’t feel that you have made a difference. For me, it’s the most rewarding achievement that one can make a positive impact on somebody’s life who needs it. The feeling of helping people keeps me going in life.” Signing off, she said that wherever she is she tries to spread happiness and positivity around her.


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