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Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA

Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA

A combination of brave new style and the priceless traditions of India, LईLA aims to decorate homes of tomorrow, helping them also keep a little piece of yesterday. From all around India and a little bit of the world, with a young and fresh perspective, the main objective of LईLA is to dent the interior design industry with its own pinch of style through our products. LईLA aims to redefine the world of home decor.

Established in 2017, LईLA is the brainchild of the mother-daughter duo Kavita Sharma & Kriti Sharma. Both being decor enthusiasts, started this brand with the vision to alter the Indian decor industry. Their main objective is to create a destination for people where they can shop comfortably and also get what they want, in the price they want. They aim to provide customers with as much comfort and satisfaction in the numerous aspect of shopping.

We got in touch with Kriti Sharma, to understand her journey in establishing her company!


Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA


1. Hello Kriti! Please tell us about yourself, your qualifications and how you came about the idea of starting LईLA.

I’m Kriti Sharma. I’ve been a marketing student throughout. I graduated from the  University of Bradford, UK and pursued my post graduation from Regents university, London in International Marketing.

My mother, and I started LईLA together and we manage it together. She manages the Delhi branch and I handle Mumbai and all around India.

2. When did you start this brand? Tell us about the collections.

We started this brand last year in March and it is a reflection of our taste in interiors and what we think is quirky and unique. We always try to procure products which are not easily found. Our main intention is to promote a different outlook on home decor. We mainly get our collections made in India. We feel like there is such an untapped manufacturer market of home decor accessories that getting stuff from abroad is a little unfair to our country.


Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA


3. What is your Company about?

With my company, we aim to create a platform for our country’s home decor products manufacturers, where they can display their work through us and we can promote this industry. Another one of our objectives to provide people with affordable yet good quality luxury products. We, at Leela understand that doing something a little as buying something small for your house can put a smile on your face! That’s our ideology behind the brand. My mom mainly is very passionate about interiors, therefore my passion for this field has been truly inspired by my mother! My mother re-styled / renovated our house quite often and since then we both have been very excited to start something like this.


Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA

4. How did you think of starting Leela. (Story about how you went on to establish Leela as a brand, what went on in it’s creation, tell us everything from the beginning!)

We’d wanted to start an interior brand for a while and the opportunity presented itself, so we decided to go for it. Leela is my mom’s birth name so we decided to call it that.

So this brand is very close to my heart. The logo of our brand is something I’m really proud of. I wanted a logo which would stick to people’s minds. So taking inspiration from numerous Hindi-English logos, I tried to incorporate a Hindi syllable in my logo. That for me represents a combination of modern and traditional style of interiors. Once that was done, we started preparing our strategy as to how to launch this brand.

We had our 1st exhibition in Mumbai at blue sea and since then we’ve been working hard to get our brand noticed and have had some success.


Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA



5. What is your USP?

Our USP is I think that we have everything for everyone. People with different likes and dislikes, people with different decorating taste when it comes to interiors. And to top this off, we are very reasonably priced.


Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA


6. What market does Leela target?

Leela targets the Indian and International interiors markets. Our main target audience is ladies between the age group of 27-60. Our target audience also includes interior firms, architects, new couples who are just making their new homes. People who rent a lot. Since we are reasonably priced, it makes it easier for them to buy from us even if they move often.

7. Describe your recent collection?

Our recent collection is Mise-en-scène. It is an expression which essentially means “visual theme” or “telling a story”in visually artful. As always, Leela has carefully curated this collection, making sure we continue to offer unique and stunning pieces for your homes!


Meet Kriti Sharma, a dynamic personality and the CEO of LईLA


8. Your company vision?

Our main vision for the company is to become this ‘all have firm’. We want to tap into industries which are not that easily accessible for Indians and get them products which are exclusive as well. We wish to do this in the most economical way possible. People order so many products for so much money just because the accessibility for these products is limited. Having said that, now everything is available on amazon, that is not our competition at the moment. We want to initially tap into the interior market and become the amazon of interiors in India.


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