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Meet celebrity managers Nikhil Darji and Ahmad Tariq

Meet celebrity managers Nikhil Darji and Ahmad Tariq

Many young talents want to show their talent in Bollywood, so celebrity manager Nikhil Darji and his partner Ahmad Tariq are soon going to launch a movie with Punjab based actors and models.

It’s confirmed that he is going to launch Punjabi Talent in B-town as well as many other actors who have the capability to make people laugh when he or she laughs, and make people cry when he or she cries. That’s the power of an actor who connects the audience. Such talented people get in touch with Nikhil and show him their story, their talent.

Nikhil further stated that the Punjabi stars he is going to launch in Bollywood already have a good fan following on the social media, so it would also encourage them to give their best and win more admirers and to reach further levels from where they belong right now.

Talking about launching these Punjabi talents in Bollywood, Ahmad Tariq said, “Bollywood is open to all if a person is talented enough and knows his craft very well. The talents I am going to launch are already popular and good with their work and I believe they are going to rock.”

What makes Nikhil and Ahmad better than others is the way they smoothly work with the celebs who come to them for help when it comes to social media. He has worked with a lot of celebs and helped them in completely understanding social media and making it a friendly place for these stars.


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