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Life is for Living published by Leadstart: A Nostalgic Tapestry of Resilience, Friendship, and Dreams

Life is for Living published by Leadstart: A Nostalgic Tapestry of Resilience, Friendship, and Dreams

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey back to the early 90s and 2000s, a time bathed in the warm glow of dial-up internet and crackling radios. Shailesh Kumar’s debut novel, “Life is for Living,” published by Leadstart isn’t just a book; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of his own life experiences. Step into this world, and step into the shoes of Shiva, a young boy navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence.

As Shiva faces the formidable challenge of the IIT-JEE exam, a gateway to prestigious academic heights, he stumbles upon a treasure trove of experiences that shape him into the person he becomes. Amidst the echoing laughter of school corridors, the hushed secrets shared with friends, and the quiet contemplation under starlit skies, Shiva discovers the transformative power of friendship and brotherhood. These bonds become his anchor, his compass, and his source of unwavering support as he wrestles with academic pressures and embarks on the bittersweet journey of first love.

“Life is for ” transcends the realm of academic ambitions. It’s a poignant exploration of human emotions, where laughter erupts in bursts of youthful energy, hearts mend under the watchful gaze of starlit skies, and first love leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Kumar’s characters are not mere bystanders; they are individuals we recognize in ourselves and those around us. The parents, the siblings, the friends—each one is rendered with such depth and nuance that they leap off the page and into our hearts.

This is a story that resonates with anyone who has ever tripped through the awkwardness of adolescence, felt the exhilarating butterflies of a first crush, or yearned for the comfort of simpler times. It’s a celebration of the unwavering support of family, the unwavering bond of brotherhood, and the unyielding strength found in true friendship. These become the wind beneath Shiva’s wings as he navigates the challenges of life, reminding us that even the most ordinary beginnings can pave the way for extraordinary journeys.

Behind this heartfelt narrative stands Shailesh Kumar, a B.Tech. graduate from the prestigious IIT Kanpur. His journey, from the familiar warmth of a middle-class upbringing in Allahabad to carving his path in Amazon US , is a testament to the transformative power of the human spirit and more importantly the book focusses on something much more than that which many a times gets overshadowed by achievements. “Life is for Living” is his passion project, a window into his own experiences, a shared journey of laughter, tears, and most importantly, remembrance.

Turning the final page of “Life is for Living” is a bittersweet experience. The embers of the story glow long after the last sentence is read, leaving you with a renewed appreciation for the simple joys of life, the strength found in family and friendship, and the unwavering spirit that allows us to rise above our circumstances and reach for our dreams.

Shailesh Kumar’s debut novel is an invitation to step back in time, to reconnect with the simpler moments, and to celebrate the journey of self-discovery that unfolds in the quiet corners of our hearts. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and most importantly, remember – your story is waiting to be told, and like Shiva, you have the power to make it extraordinary.


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