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Know About CAB Before Doing Protests And Debates

Know About CAB Before Doing Protests And Debates

The Indian Citizenship Amendment Bill was enacted by Rajya Sabha on 10th December 2019. As soon this bill was passed in Raj Sabha, many communities and students started protesting in different parts of the country. The bill which is genuinely a sharp turn by the Government of India has actually misunderstood among many of the citizens. This has created protests and revolts and attacks by several oppositions inside the country.

On the other hand, the act is a genuine and humble step taken by the Government. Here we will see some major things which everyone should know about CAB before taking part in any protest or debate:

What is Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019?

In simple words, Citizen Amendment Bill is an amendment of the Citizenship Act, 1955. According to this amendment, all the listed religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who have entered India before 31st December 2014 will be given Indian Citizenship. Now before you should start thinking anything, please focus on the word “minorities”. The minorities refer to those religious groups who are lesser in number in those nations. The considered religious minorities are Hindus, Sikhs, Jainism, Buddhism, Parsis, and Christians.

Why the other countries minorities are getting Indian Citizenship?

Now, you might think this is going against the law to give citizenship to every minority of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. But remember this point before coming to any conclusion:

The neighbouring countries were once a part of undivided India. Most of the citizens living in the country were once belonging to a nation. These are not the people who came from different planets, but actually they were Indian citizens only. But as time began, some of the religious communities came under the minority of these nations. Many transferred or left the countries, some were killed, murdered, etc. Life was never easy for these minority citizens. On the other hand, if you see India, here every minority or majority enjoys equal rights and lives with harmony.

Due to such toucher and pressure among minority classes, survival and life were not easy for them. The condition for the minority citizens was worse in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. And yes don’t ever forget what happened with Kashmiri Pandits in our own country. We can never forget the night when the whole community was touched, killed forcefully and many were forcefully converted into another religion. The mothers and sisters were also raped and killed. The night’s incident is still shameless for the whole Nation. This is what happened to them who were minorities in that area. Now you can imagine the experience of why this step is important.

So to safeguard the citizens who turned towards their parent nation, the Government of India has decided to give Citizenship rights to these refugees. These people who survived the touchers were waiting a long time to get their words heard. But finally, the Government considered them. So taking these decisions is an onset wise step by the Indian Government.

Why the Indian Citizen should not be worried about this act?

The Amendment Act passed by the Government is not going to create any impact on any citizens of India. However, the act is just focusing on giving Citizenship to Minorities. All the citizens of India will continue to live peacefully and there will be no impact on them. No matter whatever religion they belong to, if they are Indian Citizen then there’s no need to be worried. The Indian Citizens will live the same life and there’s no discrimination going on with this step,


The bold step taken by the Government of India is truly remarkable. This step will give Citizenship Rights to the Refugees who now switched back to our Nation. Their condition will get healed and they will get a new life. So it’s not less than a new life for them. This step can only be a threat to those external intruders who were harming the nation and weakening it. So again it will help the Government to identify such intruders and act upon it. In this way, it’s a double-sided benefit for the country. Since India is a populated country, so this bold step may take a long time to be executed. It needs fast implementation and we hope that the country will manage it efficiently.


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