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Keralite liberal author gets threat “Convert to Islam or you will lose your legs and Hands.
“I am not aware of the motive behind the letter. I filed a complaint with the Kozhikode city police commissioner today, urging him to look into the matter,” Ramanunni said. (File photo)

Keralite liberal author gets threat “Convert to Islam or you will lose your legs and Hands.

A well-known author from Kerala K.P. Ramanunni who is known for his novels and short stories in Malyalam filed a police complaint after receiving a letter threatening him to either convert to Islam or face consequences. The letter says that your right hand will be chopped off like TJ Joseph. The letter says that your right and left leg will be chopped off, you are given six month to convert to Islam or else we will inflict Allah’s punishment on you.

Readers may remember TJ Joseph’s hands were chopped off by Islamist some years ago. Joseph was a professor at Thodupuza College whose arms were chopped by Islamist for allegedly hurting sentiments of Islamists in a question paper set by him.  This had happened in 2010 when the professor was returning to his home in the evening.

The letter to Mr. Ramanunni says that “I would have same fate as professor T J Joseph whose right palm was chopped of in 2010 and he decided to file a police complaint. Ramanunni has recently written in Vernacular daily about Hindus and Muslims which seems to have provoked the Islamists of Kerala.

Here readers need to understand that Ramanunni is well known self-claimed liberal secular who is known for his appeasing acts towards Muslims.

Well known activist Anjali George claimed that Ramanunni is a warrior of Jehad and it’s hilarious that Islamists have asked their warrior to convert.

In another tweet Anjali claims that Ramanunni writes for Jehadis. He took Ramadan fast with sullas to appease Muslims and also wrote how peaceful Islam is.

This is the point we want to make especially for liberals that no matter how much you appease the Islamists, at the end of the day you are one Kaafir for them who has to be either killed or converted. SO if Indian liberals think that they can somehow win over Jehadis by appeasement, then they are fooling themselves. Today or tomorrow Jehadis will come for you.


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