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Karnataka, get your numbers right!
A file photo of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah meeting businessman Vijay Eswaran (Credits: The Indian Express)

Karnataka, get your numbers right!

Numbers can have a huge impact on people. While 2 of the topmost national parties (one with 44 seats in LS) are battling it out in Karnataka, fresh charges are being levied against each other every odd day. PM Modi has stepped up at the right moment & is all set to campaign for BJP in 21 rallies across the state. The PM’s super successful rallies have sent the congress party into a jittery.

The PM has accused the Karnataka Government of being a 10% commission government (Benazir Bhutto’s husband will take offence). CM Siddaramaiah has also been rechristened as ‘Sidda-rupiah’. The CM suffers from sleep apnea & rightly so. The Prime Minister made those comments a few days ago, but Siddaramaiah decided to take legal action only after recovering from the ‘mental disorder’.

The BJP, is somehow not good with stating the exact numbers. The PM’s pinstriped suit which was valued at Rs 10 lac by the Congress party, has recently been revalued at 15 lac by the same party. Even Manmohan Singh’s inflation excuse wouldn’t work here. The suit was auctioned for 4.31 crore and the proceedings were used for the ‘Clean Ganga Mission’.

Firstly, the suit was not worth 10 lac. It was just a case of speculation. The suit was purchased by a Surat- based merchant at an auction and not by Nirav Modi (as falsely propagated by the Congress). The suit was just a gift which was worn on one particular occasion & the amount received from the auction was a record price, further used in the clean Ganga Mission. BJP spokespersons have constantly failed to highlight the fact. CM Siddaramaiah’s Hublot watch is worth a whopping 70 lac as claimed by the Indian Express.

Even a man as astute as BJP President Amit Shah has missed out on quoting the exact value of CM Siddaramaiah’s watch. The BJP spokespersons have also undervalued the watch at 40 lac. The Hublot watch worn by CM Siddaramaiah, which was gifted to him by one of his well-wishers is worth 70 lac and 70 lac is what you get when you multiply 70000 (the value of Rahul Gandhi’s Burberry jacket, worn by him at a music event in Shillong) into hundred.

Simple Math

Rahul Gandhi’s 70000 jacket * 100 = Siddaramiah’s Diamond-studded Hublot Watch.

And if these 2 products are auctioned, they would find no takers.

Let’s hope that on May 15, there is no confusion with the numbers.

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/karnataka/2018/may/07/hublot-wristwatch-ticks-into-siddaramaiahs-life-again-1811250.html


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