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Kailash Kumawat, an encouraging politician, elevating the methods of politics through social media.

Kailash Kumawat, an encouraging politician, elevating the methods of politics through social media.

When you have the quality of patriotism towards your country and your people, you make every hardship into a possibility to construct a progressive society. Kailash Kumawat is a representative of such patriotic quality which led him to become one of the inspiring Indian politicians.

Kailash, being a part of the IT & Social Media team of Pali district, Bjp Takhatgarh in the party, has been very actively working towards the upliftment of the people and the society. He has been using one of the most effective tools used for the promotional activities in any field across the globe, the social media and the internet.

In a discussion with us, Kailash was asked about his motivation to become a politician to which he replied, “I always visioned myself as a part of the political team of India because that was the only way I could directly help my people and my country. Politics was a vehicle to me that helped me addressing the basic necessities of the people and spreading the awareness about the same through the most conventional techniques. Although, I do not want to just earn fame and become a renowned politician but I also want to make a difference in the society that I belong, like it is said, change begins at home.”

It is quite admirable to witness the youth of the country, taking active part in the political framework. Kailash has been working endlessly in promoting the Bhartiya Janta Party’s agenda of growth for the people. Not only this, his answer also revealed us with the information that his beliefs are more inclined towards spreading awareness in people and using the methods that are prevalent in the current times. Being a 31-year-old and having a perspective to cave a path of change that leads to the exhilaration of people in the society is motivating in itself for every aspirant in the country.

Kailash Kumawat was born in the 10th of January in the year 1990 in the district of Pali in Takhatgarh, Rajasthan. He has completed his education in Bachelor of Arts from the Mohan Lal Sukhadia University. Although belonging to a small district in Rajasthan, Kailash had big dreams and aspirations to uplift the conditions of his native place and also become of service to his country through his indulgence in politics. This motivated him to represent the Bhartiya Janta Party in Takhatgarh Nagar Palika Elections. Currently, Kailash is managing IT & Social Media of Pali district in BJP Rajasthan, Takhatgarh.

We also questioned him about being a BA student and indulging in the promotional activities of the party. His comments on this question were quite admirable, “I realized it long back that social media has the power to change not one but millions of people’s perspective with just one click. It is all about understanding the needs of the people and serving them with the truth that is happening across the country. It has become quite evident that news channels and newspapers serve them with information that might not be authentic but through the social media platforms, I could give them vital information of effective and efficient step we are taking in order to elevate the standard of living of the people of India.”

Kailash’s interest and enthusiasm towards serving the people suits his choice of being a part of the Indian politics. He has not only been working for the party and the people but he also manages to have his own footwear business as well. His endeavors and multitasking abilities are a guidance for the youth of the country. Being selfless and working for the country as a politician is an expected yet reforming aspect of Kailash’s personality, which led him to this success in life.


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