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Jivan Mizuri – A business tale par excellence

When you begin your journey to become an entrepreneur, no one can make you ready for what you’re going to experience. Building and nurturing a business take determination, patience, practice, perseverance and a lot more,many of which you learn only by standing in the fire, and that’s what makes you a successful entrepreneur.

Jivan Qasim Saleem Mizuri (born 22 September 1991 in Erbil, the capital city of Kurdistan – Iraq) is a renowned trader, entrepreneur, debater, speaker and motivator who runs a prolific business house B&J Corporation. It specializes in worldwide oil and currency trading. Established in 2015, the company has its operations in Istanbul, Dubai, London and Erbil. He studied business administration at the University of Cihan, Erbil.

Having come across a lot of hardships and obstacles at a very young age, Jivan Mizuri has learnt it the toughest way. His debts and early financial setbacks from his failed oil agreements made it so much difficult for him to succeed than everyone else. But it was his iron will that inspired him to gain ground and build a successful company.

Undeniably he’s a power-house of talent, born with an exceptional enterprising acumen.But most importantly, he has that timeless zeal and passion to work hard, without which he couldn’t have made it this far.

For him, the business world seemed like a huge place when he just started out. As he grew older he saw it beginning to shrink. He chanced upon people who he thought would never meet again.

He was wise enough never to let emotions come in his way if a business deal went awry. He’s a true professional. Being a hothead, blowing off steam or burning bridges aren’t in his rulebook.

As an adroit entrepreneur, he has harnessed a lot of enthusiasm and applied it prudently to his job. Success can make you sit fat on your initial laurels and you start getting trapped into complacency.

He has never been too satisfied with his success. He has hit great milestones and celebrated them with euphoria. But that’s where he didn’t stop. He got back to work and wasted no time in a touchdown dance. This is what makes him a true winner.

For him, it’s imperative to quickly adapt to the business scenario while defending himself against the inevitable obstacles. Instead of tunnel-visioning and working twice as hard, he looked for options to “work smart.”

He realized that he had picked up a lot of expertise in underwriting his trade domain, and he too had the infrastructure in place. So, he took a team of 40 active members and formed this partnership company with a concept that mitigated some potential risks.

It’s all in him to pay attention and always be ready for the next move. As an experienced businessman, he knows the opportune time to pivot and adjust in this rapidly fluctuating and highly competitive business environment.

His business endeavours aren’t just a job for him. They are his life. He lives and breathes through them all 365 days. He’s always the first one to come to the office and the last to leave.

He’s a real workaholic who doesn’t know the difference between “working hours” and “non-working hours”. With this level of commitment, failure isn’t an option.

Winding up, Jivan Mizuri’s story reveals the fact that great entrepreneurs create their success over time, not in a fleeting moment. Ideas can be static. But entrepreneurship has to be dynamic.

As he says “Always go for the toughest, you will find greatness there”.


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