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“It’s time for our viewers to fasten their seat belts”, says Dev Joshi as Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

“It’s time for our viewers to fasten their seat belts”, says Dev Joshi as Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

1. Please tell us something about the new season of Baalveer Returns.?

The new season of Baalveer Returns has brought a whole set of exciting new challenges not just for me, but for the entire cast and crew. This season takes the audience to an amazing new underwater world and hence a lot has changed, from the characters to the shooting techniques.

We conduct many on-set workshops to go through the drills and plan the scenes accordingly. As far as my character is concerned, there are a lot of revelations that I will be facing along with the new friendship angle. So, it has been super exciting and a lot different than the previous season.

The twist in the story is that my mother and Shaurya, two of my closest companions so far, have been hiding something from me and fans are all set to see me embark on a new journey to find out all the details.

2. What are the challenges in the shooting with a new storyline and the new visuals?

The character and the shooting techniques have become a little complicated as the story has advanced.

The entire set-up takes around 2 – 3 hours. While it’s exciting to be shooting along with the entire cast and crew, there are a lot of technical factors that have become a little complicated because of the underwater element. The production, VFX and graphic teams are working seamlessly to make sure lighting and other elements on the sets are perfect to ensure viewer-delight on television.

3. How is the experience shooting with new actors?

It is too much fun. Many actors from the new cast are also working on a fantasy show for the first time so there is a lot of excitement. We try to learn a lot from each other which adds to the delight of working with such an amazing line-up of actors.

4. What can the viewers expect?

Well, it’s time for our viewers to fasten their seat belts as they are in for a thrilling journey of events that are bound to keep them at the edge of their seats.

So far, fans have always seen Baalveer helping others and defeating the evil around but the upcoming episodes will be a true test of his character as a lot of challenges lie ahead of him. He is in the hunt of his life’s story while also preparing for newer and bigger challenges that are coming his way.

5. How are the safety procedures at the set? Are there any challenges?

With the on-going situation, shooting experience has completely changed. There are a few challenges especially with make-up and other things required on the sets however, Sony SAB and the production house are undertaking top-notch measures to ensure our paramount safety. There is, in addition, a covid inspector present on the sets always to ensure all the safety measures are carefully followed.


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