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IT startup EVERCLUB is launching new products

IT startup EVERCLUB is launching new products

EVERCLUB IT startup is soon launching its investment and educational platform and joining the growing trend of “combating poverty and illiteracy through the promotion of online education”.

EVERCLUB was founded in 2020. The idea of ​​the project was born in that difficult period when the world was overwhelmed by COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, classical offline education turned out to be inaccessible to hundreds of millions of students and schoolchildren, and all attempts to establish an online learning process were ineffective. The importance of high-quality online education has become one of the priority issues in most countries of the world.

After the world has practically coped with the pandemic, interest in online education did not fade away. On the contrary, it gained even more supporters and lobbyists in many international organizations and charitable foundations. Indeed, many saw in online education an opportunity to overcome illiteracy and poverty in developing countries. For this reason, there appeared a steady trend for interest in companies, organizations and startups working in this direction, and given the scale of the problem and the strategic importance of its solution, this trend will pertain for the coming decades.

This was understood by the EVERCLUB management and therefore it was decided to create their own educational online platform. During the development process, it became clear that for the full implementation of the project idea, it is impossible to be limited by the creation of an educational service. The world needs a multifunctional platform that can combine services of various types: educational, charitable, investment, gaming and entertainment.

This is how the idea of a decentralized EVERCLUB ecosystem was born. It includes 7 products:

  • EverLearn – the ecosystem’s flagship, a service offering exclusive access to educational programs, courses and learning products.
  • EverGrow – a service for testing acquired skills and knowledge.
  • EverWin – a service of bonus programs for top network leaders.
  • EverGame – a digital service for distribution of computer games and programs.
  • EverHelp – a service for holding charity events, lotteries and contests.
  • EverStart – a decentralized crowdfunding platform.
  • EverPay – a proper payment service.

Although most of the services are still under development, today you can already learn and earn money with the help of EVERCLUB. The platform offers its users a set of unique investment tools that allow them to develop leadership qualities and learn how to work in a team, while the possibility of receiving up to 90% of the amount of funds raised and a low entry threshold (from $20) make this offer interesting and accessible to all levels of the population.

In the future, the team plans to transform its educational platform into the world’s largest decentralized international Learn2Earn online university.

Develop and earn with EVERCLUB!


Contact information:

Level 8, Vibgyor Towers, G Block, C62 BandraKurla Complex, Mumbai 400 098, India

Phone: +917836999557


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