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In the urge of attacking PM Modi, Nidhi Razdan forgets her past, Barkha Dutt takes a dig at her previous colleague

A self-claimed media house NDTV which is known for peddling fake news in the name of media house has done it again, but this time once again their hypocrisy has been caught by some smart twitter users and the bluff was also called off a former employee of NDTV.

Recently another media house ABP news with similar credentials like NDTV has asked some of its employees to leave because of their falling TRP.

It is said that those journalists who have been fired by ABP group were indulging in more propaganda that any real journalism and because of that the channel was losing viewers and hence the action was taken by the management.

But fake news peddler NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan tried to make this issue as if the Government of India has forced the ABP news group to sack those propaganda journalists. She also went to twitter to announce her debate issue on the same topic.

Our readers can spot the irony of fake news peddlers of NDTV as they are crying government pressure on another media house and at the same time conducting debates and blaming government without any credible or even somethings close to proof.

Reacting to her tweet another twitter user reminded her of her hypocrisy that when her own colleague Barkha Dutt was fired by her management she didn’t speak. Surprisingly she did not even blame government like she is doing this time.

To add more salt to her injuries even Barkha Dutt decided to take a dig at the hypocrisy of Nidhi Razdan and the so called media house NDTV.

Some opposition MPs tried to raise this issue even in Parliament, which shows that they have really ran out of topics to talk about. The Speaker expressed annoyance at this as ABP is a private institution. Minister of state for Information and broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore pointed out that ABP News wasn’t served a Show Cause Notice even after airing fake news


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