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I meditate in between my shots to freshen up my mind”, says Ajay Choudhary from Tenali Rama

I meditate in between my shots to freshen up my mind”, says Ajay Choudhary from Tenali Rama

What does fitness mean to you? What is your fitness mantra?

Fitness for me is the balance between mind and body. Like a form of stability. One does not need 6-pack abs to be fit and I also believe that fitness is not only about looking good but it is about feeling good. A right balance between mind and body is extremely crucial for any person to grow and feel better from within. So, I would say you attain fitness from inside out.

How do you keep a healthy balance between your mind and body?

To have that healthy balance between my mind and body I start with eating healthy food. I don’t believe in diets instead I believe in the healthy choices you make for your meal. I enjoy having a home-cooked meal. I also do not restrict myself to any particular kind of work-out routine. I dance, walk or engage in any physical activities. To fuel my mind, I rely on meditation and I also read a lot. Reading helps me keep my mind healthy which reflects on my body.

Following your demanding and hectic schedule. How do you manage to stay fit and maintain that healthy lifestyle?

In the early days of my career, my routine was different. But now, I sleep early and wake up around 4:30 am every morning. This practice gives me a lot of time to engage in things that I want to. I also feel meditation is a really powerful tool. In between my shots on the sets of Tenali Rama, I meditate for a while to simply freshen up my mind. I have been meditating for the last 12-13 years and it has become my lifestyle.

How are you keeping yourself fit, now that you are at home?

I have a dynamic set of activities that I do at home to keep myself fit. Every morning, I start my day with yoga. I sometimes dance, do spot running and push-ups. These are quick and effective activities that keep you fit.

What is your healthy snack option?

I enjoy eating seasonal fruits. So, my healthy snack option keeps changing every couple of months. I also usually carry granola bars on the sets of Tenali Rama or whenever I go out.

One food item that you can’t resist?

I simply cannot resist Gulab Jamun and I even learnt how to make it at home recently. However, I am glad that I steered cleared from overeating.

Any message for your fans?

I would like to say that this tough time too shall pass and things will get better. So till then just do whatever makes you feel better and keeps your fit. Stay home, stay fit.


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