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I am not celebrating Eid this year, Here is the reason. Read why!
I am not celebrating Eid this year, Read why!

I am not celebrating Eid this year, Here is the reason. Read why!

In the last one month which was the holy month of Ramadan, there has been more than 1500 killings by Islamic terrorists in different attacks in different parts of world, Remember this is the month in which the holy book prohibits the killings and molestation of Kaafirs. The book says after the month ends kill wherever you see a Kaafir , So you can imagine they will start killing and raping with double the speed after the Eid. In the previous year, they had killed more than 1900 people during the month of Ramadan.

Earlier, this month in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh around 15-20 Islamic molesters molested two Dalit Hindu girls in broad day light. Also they captured the video of molestation and made it viral to show the supremacy of Islam on Kaafirs during the month of Ramadan.

An incident from Kerala, The Islamic wing of Indian National Congress, the oldest political party of India killed a calf on road just to mock Hindus and their sentiments for cow, Remember killing of cow is crime since 50s in most of the states of India, the cow killing by congress party was done at the behest of the Islamic lobby to mock Hindus and again just to show the supremacy of Islam over kaafirs.

Another, recent report from Kerala by the Times group shows that how ISIS has invaded in the state. Some parts of Kerala are properly declared a part of Islamic caliphate. They have even named a place called Gaza Street , there is another village where they live their life as prescribed in Sharia. Hindus there are second class citizens. Young girls are being targeted converted and then radicalized to become Islamic terrorist. Times now had even accessed the rate cards that how Islamic terrorists are being paid for converting girls from different community.

As per reports of Hindi Daily Dainik Jagran, Islamists tried to burn a police station in Meerut ,UP after the Eid Namaz.

Three days ago, a policeman of Jammu and Kashmir police was lynched outside the mosque by an Islamic mob of around 200 people after the Namaj. His fault was his name, his name on his ID card was M A Pandith, his full name is Mohammed Ayub Pandith, You can imagine he being a Muslim with a Hindu surname was lynched so what would the mob do if someone was to be Hindu for real, Such is the hatred in the minds of these people for Hindus.

Two days ago, another video was posted in the Times of Indian web portal where the Islamic mob can be seen doing namaz on the Railway track. In the process, they disrupted the trains from one of the bustiest railway stations, New Delhi. As per an Australian Imam, its not necessary that you must do Namaz together on Fridays as per teachings, So what is the reason for blocking roads, Railway tracks, Airports ? Again the answer is to show their supremacy of Islam over Kaafirs. They think they can block roads, trains in the name of their Mazhab and people will just look at all this encroachments helplessly.

Just today, as per a news in a Hindi Daily Dainik Jagran five Muslims from Saran district of Bihar kidnapped and Molested a Hindu girl, Not only this they also attacked the brother of the girl and almost killed him.

I am not celebrating Eid this year, Here is the reason. Read why!

These are some of the incidents of Islamic terrorists and molesters which happened in the month of Ramadan. They do this throughout the year with double the speed. During the month of Ramadan, they are supposed not to do this as in this month they enjoy the money of loot they do through out the year. Now, I hope you understand why I am saying that I am not celebrating Eid.


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