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How An Online Gaming Platform ‘Dealer777’ reversed the Destiny of Pizza Delivery Boy

How An Online Gaming Platform ‘Dealer777’ reversed the Destiny of Pizza Delivery Boy

They say, “Your one move could change your destiny, just believe in yourself and keep trust in what you do.” Here is the story of, Prakash Patil, who was working as a Pizza delivery boy in Mumbai. Let’s see how an online gaming platform ‘Dealer777’ reversed his destiny from a delivery boy to a millionaire.

“I am a Mumbai-born middle-class boy. My father is a guard at Railway Station. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. My mother is working at a construction site. I was a very average student in school. I have completed my education till the 12th class. Well, to support my family and to complete the education of my brother and sister, I started a job as a Pizza Delivery boy.

I used to get a good amount of money, but it was insufficient for daily home necessities. My father recently met with an accident and he got his leg fractured. Now, the complete responsibility of our home is on me.”

Previously, I have decided to join college and do part-time delivery service, but as now my father is in bed and my mother is looking after him, I have to support my family so, I have decided to do a full-time delivery job.

One day while giving my last delivery at Lokhandwala, I reached a house where man teenagers were partying. A guy opened the door to take the Pizza deliveries. While he was making the payment, I heard some discussions of his friends saying, “What to do with this huge amount we have made through online gaming in just 15 minutes? Where should we invest this money?” I was surprised to hear everything. I just step a little bit into the house and saw that 2-3 boys were sitting on the sofa and were seeing something on their laptops. Due to curiosity, I just leaned in their laptops and saw some graphs and figures. Meanwhile, the guy comes with the money for payment. To my wonder, he gave me Rs.2000, but the bill was just 1800 and told me to keep the change.

I was very surprised. In this competitive world, where no one spends a single penny for anyone, this guy gave me Rs.200 as a change. I was very impressed and surprised as well.

While on my route home, I was thinking about the website, graphs, and figures I have seen on their laptops. After coming home, I took my phone and started recalling their discussions. After a few minutes, I remembered their conversations about an online gaming platform. I found the Dealer777 website and found the same graphs and figures I saw on the guy’s laptop.

I was very happy and excited to find a 100% safe online gaming platform ‘Dealer777’. I read all the information and watched some video tutorials about how to start and how to play games online and also how to earn from it. I quickly understood everything and decided to give it a try!

I opened a demo account where I instantly received a virtual amount to start with. I started to try my luck and earned some money after my first transaction. This builds my confidence. So, I decided to open a real account and deposited my earned amount there. When I woke up in the morning and checked the account, Rs.40,000 was deposited in my account. I was overwhelmed with joy and shared this news with my parents. They were also very happy. But my father suggested verifying, and checking if this is any kind of fraud. I explained to him everything about Dealer777.

I told him, “Dealer777 is a 100% safe online gaming platform where you can make money in less time and complete your dreams. There are 50+ sports and 4000+ casino games where you can try your luck. They also provide a bonus, offers, and instant cashback schemes. For any query or any issue, you can also contact customer support, and they will resolve your issue within seconds.” My father is now assured that the online gaming website is not a fraud and it’s safe to play and make money there. Today, we are living in a plush and classy apartment in a very nice area in Mumbai. Buying a classy apartment in Mumbai is not that easy, but I am thankful to Dealer777 that because of them I have achieved my dreams. My sister and brother are studying in a very good school. My mother is not working now and living a good life.

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