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How ‘Aayu’ Apps Are Changing Indian Healthcare By Empowering Hyperlocal Retail Chemists

India’s large pharmaceuticals industry, which caters to a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, is held at its nerve by a network of 1.6 million retail chemist stores. Every day these chemist stores provide medicines and other essentials to millions of Indians, for whom these stores are the primary points of contact in a medical emergency.

At least 80 per cent of Indians living in villages have to travel for 60km on an average for a doctor’s consultation. The out-of-pocket expenditure for Indians on medical services forms 63.5 per cent of the total expenditure. More than 85 per cent of Indian patients still carry their medical records in hard copies.

This healthcare delivery divide was the seed for the digital SAAS based platforms to take shape in the form of a trinity of apps,  ‘Aayu’ for Consumers, ‘Aayu Chemist’ for Retail Chemists & ‘Aayu Doctor’ for Doctor Consultations. After an intense research spanning three years across 800 villages of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, ‘Aayu’ was founded with the aim of bringing top tier healthcare to lower tier cities, towns and villages.

‘Aayu’ realized that if tier-1 healthcare services have to be delivered to the rural parts of India(Bharat) then it is imperative to enable and get the retail chemist stores upto their full potential with the full intervention of digital means, which would not only enable the chemist stores serve their customers better but also help them manage and grow their business.

Aayu has been able to bridge the healthcare gap for 35 Lakh families across the nooks and corners of Bharat with 40,000+ retail chemists who have been a part of Aayu Chemist fraternity.

It is not only medicines but also doctor consultations (with over 5000 specialist doctors already on-board), lab tests and digital health IDs that Aayu has served their customers with via the nearby local chemist stores.

Aayu has been operational for 5 years and has a widespread presence across 17+ States, 400+ Cities, serving 35 Lakh+ families and digitizing 30 Lakh+ health records. They have taken 40,000+ local retail chemist stores online, creating an ecosystem that provides a win-win for both customers and the chemists.

The trinity of Aayu Apps have become the go-to super app for Chemists where they can not only carry out customer dealings but also manage their business and inventory procurement making Aayu an easy to use asset-light model.

It seems that Aayu is the best possible solution for both customers and the chemists in this hyper competitive market situation.


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