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How a brand is changing the concept of networking and connecting people over a cup of coffee

How a brand is changing the concept of networking and connecting people over a cup of coffee

When we hear the word ‘Coffee’, we often visualize ourselves sitting in a coffee shop in solitude and enjoy the perfectly blended cup of roasted coffee beans and froth. To sate your love for coffee, there’s a Coffee brand in India, which lets you live this imagination in real life.


India is one of the unique hubs of coffee shops. Whether it is a Tier I, II, or III cities, coffee has the quality of attracting people from every corner. There are numerous chains of coffee shops serving their best to their customers, but The Book Café is a brand that builds a network and focuses on serving their best coffee. Since 2017, this winsome coffee shop has been running successfully in the Marwar region. This cafe does not believe in competition; indeed, its driving force is building a community that connects people all


The Book cafe was not an accidental invention. The key element involved was passion.

“When your passion becomes your profession, you succeed!”

Richa Sharma, Founder of this cafe outlet, was sure about what she is going to do in her business. Like other successful women entrepreneurs, she marked her way of building a coffee community.

“I was an avid reader and a coffee lover from the starting, and when I passed out from my college, I could see a vision of having a career of my passion, and The Book Cafe was on my table. Says, Richa Sharma. I and Faaez, Co-founder of this café, worked day and night to search for those perfectly roasted beans. We travelled to different cities in search of those beans, and before implementing it to the mainstream, we experimented with them and tried several tastes, until we got our perfect taste.” She added.

“It was not easy at first but when we saw those two or three customers sitting comfortably and reading their book with that one perfect cup, we were satisfied. We knew that we were playing our part right.” Says Richa.

Both the entrepreneurs with their zealous attitude build a networking map in Rajasthan. Their words of wisdom learned from IIMA and IIMB, and the potential to stand against the odds was enough to open the gateway of future networking brands.


“Champion wins the trophy. But the team wins the league.”

Since its inception, the team TBC wanted something unique to give to its customers, a great experience of coffee. Both Richa and Faaez experimented with the idea of having books, and unknowingly, this gave rise to an increasing number of book lovers. Slowly and steadily, this resulted in the initiation of a community. As a team, their vision got a direction, and this feeling generated a spark in the form of fresh thought.

The Book Café went from adapting a regular work ethic to transforming itself into a dynamic platform for people to meet, connect, share ideas and visualize sustainable growth.


“How beautiful it is to enjoy your favourite Cappuccino, holding your favourite book, and connect over a perfect cup?”


Those perfectly roasted coffee beans dipped in the fresh aroma and cups of happiness on each table is its claim to fame! Be it dark Espresso, or cold brew or a regular cappuccino, their perfect cup can never go wrong! By all this, the inner positive and healthy ambience is its centre of attraction. The big windows, the coffee quotes hanging on the wall, a comfortable atmosphere and numerous books to read. This is not only a cafe to run a business; in fact, it’s a whole soul deed of dedication and hard work.


Besides networking, few people find this coffee shop captivating because it connects individuals with oneself. People, who are book lovers, find solitude here. You will find a variety of diversified knowledge through entertaining sets of books falling under the brilliant classified genre, along with soft music playing in the background, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The intriguing part of this café is that its founder, Richa Sharma is herself a book lover, and she knows the importance of solitude. And here, you will experience every bit of it!


This cafe serves best for individuals with divergent mindsets. Be it budding writers or professional businessmen. Be it a beautiful home-maker or vivacious teenagers. Each and everyone connects with this coffee shop! The Book Cafe built wireless networks by organizing different workshops. This cafe always thinks outside the box, and with its ingenious team, it keeps on serving its best cups.

“We try to connect different people through a cup of coffee. ” Says, Faaez.


The café has concentrated into a community-building café where its food and coffee are being sold and promoted through different mediums including events and various shows to highlight new talents in the face of artisans, artists, influencers, stand up comedians, authors, etc. The Café is actively involved in bringing forward and providing a voice to Women Entrepreneurs with their breakthrough stories.

“Our Cafe believes in keeping it simple yet intriguing for the people to connect and to develop their interest for it by experiencing comfort from their choice of coffee and some selected International delicacies with an Indian twist.” Says, Richa Sharma


This café believes in creating, developing, and sustaining initiatives for and towards mankind. The café is actively participative towards fulfilling the requirements of needy people during the lockdown period by supplying rations, ready-to-eat food packets, and face masks.

“As a growing part of the community, it’s our responsibility to help the community people and support them to stand together during the time of crisis.”

Also, they have launched their E-book, titled, “The Shades of Me”, and it is available on Amazon Kindle.


The café has launched its Café Lounge, which is another branch of the café outlet in Jodhpur City, Rajasthan. Through analyzing and often studying the market trends and demands with changing times, they are successfully planning for its expansion in other Tier-II cities as well.

“It’s A Café By The People, For The People. Once Again, I would quote, “It’s Not Just A Café, it’s an experience. ” Says, Faaez.

This hard-working team is redefining the face of coffee shops. The Book Cafe is spreading its wings of success. This cafe outlet is the biggest idea of a crossover between coffee and connections and the vision of the founding team to spread across the Tier two regions of the country.

Come and experience yourself!


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