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HOSPITALIA BY YARA CENTER is the most modern center with high level medical techniques and competencies.

 It gathers the leading specialists in dentistry, cosmetic and general medicine from Europe

All eyes are turning today, and in the future, towards esthetics, whether esthetics of the teeth or the body and face, these matters have become the common interest of everyone, whether females or males.

Moreover, taking care of one’s health and appearing more vital and beautiful makes the person brighter with a fresher body. This interest is the focus of science in order to develop everything related to medicine to keep up with everything that the world of today and tomorrow is looking forward to.

HOSPITALIA BY YARA CENTER is the most modern center in the Middle East, and in Bahrain in particular that was established with a Bahraini investment. This project is run by young entrepreneur Yara Jamil Salman, she talks about it and says, “This project is the result of my passion and interest in health and beauty. The center is one of the greatest private medical centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the highest level of state-of-the-art techniques, designs beyond imagination, of a modern and sophisticated technology in line with the requirements of society in all categories ».

She continued, “The center has the leading specialists and consultants of beauty, as well as dentistry in all its departments and specialties.”

“The Center has attracted specialized and experienced European doctors with many years in their profession, and they were selected according to the standards and competencies determined by the Center. In order to keep up with the great development that Bahrain is witnessing in this field and in other modern services, these specialists possess specialized medical skills in cosmetic dentistry,” she added.

According to the investor Yara Jamil Salman, “Among the incoming doctors, the center will soon hire an expert in the installation of teeth, an Italian doctor. Since more than a year, and before its actual opening, the center has been selecting and conducting all interviews with the most skilled and efficient doctors in the European countries, so that the center will be inclusive of all specialties in the field of dentistry. Moreover, all the doctors are specialized and distinguished in all specialties of dentistry. “

She also pointed out that “all the medical devices used by the Center is one of the latest global devices and from the biggest known companies such as «KaVo» Germany, which has fully equipped the center».

About cosmetic medicine, Yara Jamil Salman, to the HOSPITALIA BY YARA CENTER, says, “The attractive smile was once the exclusive preserve of stars and celebrities and an elusive dream. Today, however, thanks to the tremendous advances in cosmetic dentistry, it is for everybody. Therefore, at the center we will provide several packages of practical solutions in accordance with the needs of those who come to the center for cosmetic medicine, and we will make the thoughts and requirements of the customers accessible, from the dream smile and beyond the perceptions thanks to the specialized doctors and available devices ».

She continued, “What makes us special in this center is the presence and availability of all cosmetic dentistry specialties, and their association to work together as a team for providing medical advice and for helping you reach the best cosmetic solutions, with the availability of several options in the field of cosmetic dentistry.”

“The Center will include one of the leading dermatologists, Rezero Zamboni of Italy, who has three degrees at Genoa University in Italy, a degree in medicine and surgery in 1982 and a degree in dermatology and venereology in 1985,” she mentioned.

“Zamboni has been practicing tropical skin diseases since 1988, so he has an experience of over 29 years in excellence and success,” she added.

She said, “During these 29 years, Dr. Zamboni performed around 1900 surgeries of skin, skin cancer, skin dermatitis, and other skin diseases.”

About the teeth restoration therapy, she says, “The Center has specialists who have experience in correcting the teeth restoration therapy. For example, if the customer of the center has pierced or broken teeth, or fillings that may cause embarrassment when laughing or smiling, or those who are concerned about the presence of mercury fillings, the latters are replaced by white fillings that can strengthen the teeth by sticking to the tooth structure.”

She talked about facial and lip rejuvenation, Yara Jamil Salman said that the center provides molecules that are used cosmetically and injectable to correct the wrinkles and facial superficial, medium and deep folds, and the construction and enlargement of the lips. “One syringe is enough to give a quick result and its effect is long lasting. You can only show your inner beauty within 30 minutes of taking the injection,” she says.

“The center will include, together with dentistry and cosmetic medicine, several specialties of public medicine that will provide the highest quality services in the world of medicine because of high-ranking specialists in general medicine.”


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