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Has Bengal turned into a Big Islamic Hell?
Has Bengal turned into a Big Islamic Hell?

Has Bengal turned into a Big Islamic Hell?

In our country, that is the republic of India, we have Indian penal code which doesn’t persecute minors one of the most infamous example is of an Islamic rapist named Mohammed Afroz who had not only raped and killed Nirbhaya but he has crossed all the limits of atrocities all the acts of that Islamic rapist is in public domain and I don’t need to repeat it. Mohammed Afroz was arrested ,the NGOs and child right activists funded by terror outfits which belonged to Aam Aadmi Party proved in court with the help of fake certificates that Mohammed Afroz was minor and the courts released that Islamic rapist after keeping him in rehabilitation centre for two years.Mohammed is now free and tomorrow he will rape another girl, kill another girl.

Another boy named Sauvik Sarkar whose age is same as that of Islamic rapist Mohammed Afroz wrote some facebook post which allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammed (We have not seen theFB post so can not say that it as insulting or not), Anyway the little kid was arrested by the West Bengal police. You may think that the story should end here, But in reality the story starts after this. Islamic mob in large numbers came out of their houses demanding that the boy should be handed over to them and they will stone the boy to death as per Islamic laws. Here we need to remember that no such demands were made by any Muslim in the case of rapist Mohammed Afroz.

The Islamic mob attacked the Hindu population of Bhaduriya, Basirhat, Harora and many other places as per reports of various news agency of India. The reports of Republic TV show that the women of Hindu community alleging that Islamic mob in large numbers attacked their houses, shops. They burnt their houses,Shops looted and took away anything valuable they got. The Islamic mob was allegedly seen as the people of local MLA of TMC, locals also alleged that when Islamic mob was looting, burning the houses and shops of Hindu community the police was just mute spectator and did nothing to stop the mob as they feared that Islamic mob may attack the police also.There are reports of many life losses also as per conformed reports one person of Hindu community scummed to injuries and died in the hospital. The locals are living in fear and some of them are leaving that area as the Islamic mob whole looting, burning houses of Hindus and killing them were chanting slogans like Hindus leave the area,Its an Islamic land now.Hindus will not be allowed to live here.

Hindu Samhati an organisation which works for rehabilitating Hindus affected by the attacks of Islamic mob is is attacked by the state government of Mamta Banerjee. She doesn’t want anyone to help the Hindus affected in the Islamic violence. The founder of the Hindu Samhati, Shri Tapan Ghosh said that the state government has banned the meetings of the Samhati, its member are arrested and are not allowed to help people affected by the Islamic mob.

In all this BJP seemed to have failed to raise the issue with required intensity. Not only that leaders of BJP Bengal tried to play it down by calling the mob as TMC mob and not the Islamic mob. BJP Rajya Sabha MP Roopa Ganguly tried to play it down by blaming the Mamta government and not the Islamic teachings. On the contrary another BJP leader Babul Supriyo said that it has become sin to be Hindu in West Bengal, They way the government of Mamta Banerjee is helping the Islamic mob to eliminate the Hindus of West Bengal.

Another thing to be noticed in all this violence is no Media is reporting these attacks on Hindus except Republic TV, Times Now, Zee News and some others. Specially the media which claims to be secular and liberal has completely blacked out the incidents and they are not at all reporting the attacks on Hindus of West Bengal. Situation in West Bengal is becoming like the Kashmir of 90s when the Hindus were killed, raped and forced to leave the valley by the Islamic terrorists. If Hindus don’t fight collectively unfortunately we will see similar refugee camps for Bengali Hindus.

At the time of publishing this report there is huge crisis of food in Basirhat. The local markets are closed in many parts. Some local clubs are helping people.


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