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Ginoo to fight his evil side. Will good triumph overevil?

Ginoo to fight his evil side. Will good triumph overevil?

Aladdin(Siddharth Nigam)is on a mission yet again and this time he has set his eyes on getting his best-friend Ginoo (RaashulTandon) back to his good side. Sony SAB’s Aladdin: NaamTohSuna will witness the grand battle between good and evil. Sheikh Ginoo, who was seen turning evil in the previous season of the show will be fighting his own demons in the upcoming episodes.

In the previous season, Zafar (Aamir Dalvi) took away Aladdin’s confidant, ShiekhGinoo, by turning him evil which made Ginoo forget his good side. While finding the weapon to kill Haiwaan-E-Hiblis, the devil unleashed from the 1st door of Raaz-E-Kainat, Aladdin finds the holy water of ZamZam, the only weapon that can kill Hiblis. After getting his hands on this holy water, Aladdin decides to release the water in the main reservoir of Baghdad to save the people from the Hiblis’ terror.

As Aladdin pours the holy water in the reservoir, Ginoo stops him and the holy water of ZamZamis spilled on Ginoo. To Aladdin’s surprise, the holy water starts having a good effect on Ginoo and he starts turning blue, just like the old times.

Aladdin has finally found the cure to bring Ginoo back to his older self. On the other hand, Zafar is now threatened as Ginoo’s transition will make him lose the most powerful genie under his command.

Will good triumph over evil? Will Aladdin be successful? How will Zafar try to stop Aladdin?

Raashul Tandon, essaying the role of Ginoo said, “Ginoo will be facing the ultimate battle, with himself as he tries to fight the evil in him. The upcoming episodes will put our viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness Ginoo’s transitioning journey. I am eager to know the reactions from the viewers and I’m sure they will enjoy what we are about to bring next on Sony SAB’s Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga. So, stay tuned.”

Siddharth Nigam, essaying the role of Aladdin said, “On his quest to kill the devil Hiblis, Aladdin has found a ray of hope to cure his long lost friend, Ginoo. The upcoming episodes showcase Aladdin and Ginoo’s journey as he fights his own demons. Will he succeed? I am really excited about the upcoming storyline and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it.”

Watch Ginoo’s journey as he battles his own demons on Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga every Monday – Friday at 9pm only on Sony SAB


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