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Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?
Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?

Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?

Feminism- The highly misconceived word now a days. Yes, feminism is often confused with a movement pioneered by females to belittle their male counterparts or to show that we are superior to men, when in fact both the sexes are equal. Feminism is just an axiom based on the grounds of equality of sexes. So a guy can be a feminist too as it focuses on equality. It is a belief that women are just as equal and important as the other gender.

However, people tend to exploit it by being boorish to others, claiming a right over something they haven’t earned. Gender-neutrality is not about this. It’s about achieving equality, procuring a right fit between men and women. It’s about breaking the stereotypes that men are the bread-earner of the family and women even if working to provide for the family, ultimately have a place in the kitchen. Men should know how to cook too, they should not be thrashed for this or made fun of if they are better at it.

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