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Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?
Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?

Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?

Feminism- The highly misconceived word now a days. Yes, feminism is often confused with a movement pioneered by females to belittle their male counterparts or to show that we are superior to men, when in fact both the sexes are equal. Feminism is just an axiom based on the grounds of equality of sexes. So a guy can be a feminist too as it focuses on equality. It is a belief that women are just as equal and important as the other gender.

However, people tend to exploit it by being boorish to others, claiming a right over something they haven’t earned. Gender-neutrality is not about this. It’s about achieving equality, procuring a right fit between men and women. It’s about breaking the stereotypes that men are the bread-earner of the family and women even if working to provide for the family, ultimately have a place in the kitchen. Men should know how to cook too, they should not be thrashed for this or made fun of if they are better at it.

Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?
Feminist : To be or Not To Be ?

Many women under the pretence of feminism have found a way to be disrespectful to men, to demean them because of all the restrains we as women have been facing since older days. Women were shunned at every step of life. They were not allowed to read, write, work for themselves. They were so called being “protected” from the outside world. Women faced domestic violence, men ruled them, their word had to be followed upon. All these atrocities have called for voicing in their opinion to be treated fairly and equally. Albeit we are less powerful than men, yet this does not give them the right to be the decision-makers for us. But those hardships do not pave the way to extremism, not seek superiority over them. We must aim to have an unbiased system in the society, hence this gave rise to feminism. It pains me that people are still oblivious of this term. Some keep clear of being called a feminist if asked. They mistake a feminist for a femi-nazi, a radical women perceived as seeking superiority over men. They do not want to be associated with the term feminist, they are afraid of it, misguided about it and don’t want to be called a feminist but alas, they are uneducated about it. But there are also some fake feminists type women and men too. I have seen women taking advantage of being “the weaker sex”, misusing it. I travel by metro to my workplace(as most of the delhi-ites do) and during that journey i come across fellow women companions who are working professionals, old ladies, middle aged ladies, girls, teenagers anyone and everyone you name it, and most important some fairly capable of standing up but wont. Most of the times i have seen man and woman both sitting in a general seat, a needy comes the girls become ignorant, tries not to make the eye contact and the men stand up to offer their seat. There are signs above the metro berth, in the bus seats for senior citizens, physically challenged and LADIES. Why? Men who aren’t senior citizens can’t be tired? There are many more instances of feminism being misused by some women.(Again, i am referring to only some women,please don’t label me as a girl hater.) The problem arises when women use feminism to get privileges. Since when it is okay to claim it as our right. This is not equality. There is a thin line between being a feminist and an extremist, choose wisely. Many still need to be enlightened about it that feminism is simply gender equality. There is no shame in being called a feminist, being gender equal. So, be a proud feminist.


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