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Exposing key 'achievement' of AAP govt - The East Campus of Delhi Technological University.

Exposing key ‘achievement’ of AAP govt – The East Campus of Delhi Technological University.

Everyday we come across some or the other stories of how things shaped, how things turned and what happened next. But ultimately what lies ahead of every happening or incident, is the outcome, which is faced by us.But when outcome of certain decisions made are politically influenced, things often turn ugly for so many who had been a part of those stories. One such stories associated is with the newly innaugrated East Delhi Campus of Delhi Technological University, DTU. The ruling party i.e. Aam Aadmi Party has allocated the old dilapidated building of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies to now East Delhi campus of DTU. Ironically the degree of this campus carries no importance of yet. Also the old worn out building built on the land originally allocated to a school lacks playground and even the parking space for 350 students and faculty. In addition to this the building lacks the basic infrastructure to curb the needs of those students and facilitate any learning owing to the bad state in which it is right now.

Originally the land adjacent to this building in Jhilmil area of East Delhi region had a Government Senior Secondary School, which is still there, and this land was left vacant to be used as playground.. But in 1987, Delhi Administration created a building on it and started  Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women there. In 1989, half of that building was allocated to Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. Since then, both of these colleges ran from common campus, actually meant for a school. Both these colleges are prestigious in their fields.

As these were makeshift arrangements, successive delhi govt allocated land for these colleges in Vasundhara Enclave & Rohini respectively.

Shahid Sukhdev College is a premier institution. One lakh+ students give entrance exams every year for taking admission in it’s 200 seats.

Last yr Shahid Rajguru College was shifted to its campus in Vasundhara Enclave, East Delhi. And this year, Sukhdev college was also shifted.

But with the rising population the enrollments in school soared up and now this building is required as a functionary for classrooms into the school. But to the negligence of Delhi government ruled by AAP, under whose order the building was offered to East Delhi Campus of DTU, the school cannot entertain admissions and is unable to function properly. Also the defunct building is almost of no use to the DTU students right now.

Looking at the miserable state of affairs the ex-students of the school, recall the days they spent in school and i their playground which stands as an almost dysfunctional body to the East Deli Campus of DTU while AAP proudly puts up new hoardings on the old decrepit building.

Exposing key 'achievement' of AAP govt - The East Campus of Delhi Technological University.

Exposing key 'achievement' of AAP govt - The East Campus of Delhi Technological University.

Truely said, that outcome here of the decision made for political gain in the name of development seems a complete ignorance to the reality and carries ugly fate for so many associated.

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