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Exclusive Interview with Ivanilson Machado – CEO (Puma Energy)
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Exclusive Interview with Ivanilson Machado – CEO (Puma Energy)

We just got into touch with one of the best personality Ivanilson and what a gem of a person he is, He is such a down-to-earth and polite person & we just had a fun interviewing him.

Let’s have a look over the interview,

Tell us more about Puma Energy.
-”Puma Energy is an integrated global energy company like no other. When we say we fuel journeys, we are not just talking about putting gasoline or diesel in your tank, or providing high quality fuel to some of the world’s largest airlines, shipping companies and power suppliers. It goes further than that. For us, Fuelling Journeys is about making a real difference to all of our customers and the life in the communities we serve.”

What are your future plans about the company?
-”we are already in 49 countries worldwide. For the moment our strategy is keep expanding and consolidating what we have based on 5 strategic priorities:
– Expand our offer to our customers
– Develop into new import markets
– Build the infrastructure to support our offer
– Integrate supply, storage and distribution
– Develop local stakeholder trust”

Are you planning to expand to more countries?
-”Yes, We look for markets with rapid growth and/or strong potential, usually with a growing middle class or a flourishing natural resources sector, where we can identify new business opportunities.”

Which countries?
-” we are still looking for more opportunities in Africa apart from the 19 countries we already in”

Do you believe in investing in new age startups
If yes which kind of start ups attract you?
-”yes I do. But Investing in a startup company is not a joke. The process isn’t for the weak-hearted. You need to have some level of intelligence, market knowledge, patience, and an appetite for risk.

In my view the best ones to invest are:
– Education startups
– Travel startups
– E-commerce startups
– Medical and healthcare startups”

Tell us about your personal life.
-”I’m very family orientated. So all the free time and holidays I have, I always spend with my family and friends. My daily activities are work, sports and spend time with my kids.
I’m married and have 2 beautiful boys… blessed family.”

Interests / hobbies
-”I’m a fashion and lifestyle passionate, so my interests/hobbies:
– fashion
– cars
– travel
– watches
– music
– books
– gym
– gadgets
– food
– home decor”

Where do you see puma energy in next 10 years?
-” based on our strategy, I see Puma Energy in the next 10 years as part of the top 3 leading companies in down and midstream worldwide for sure”

How much hours a day you work?
-”minimum 8hr maxim 12hr a day, it depends…”

What work ethics you follow?
-”adaptability, honesty and integrity , self motivated , dedication and teamwork”

Reason for your successful business?
-”In order to achieve the highest results, you first have to believe you can. You have to see yourself where you want to be and dedicate yourself to realising that vision.
An inescapable, non-negotiable imperative of success is effort. Achievement, in any form, comes as a result of the work you put in. Luck is not success. Circumstance is not achievement. Success is a result of effort.
Results don’t come without commitment to the task.
This is how I’ve been managing my professional life, commitment and focus on goals…”

Religious views.
-”I’m catholic like all my family. But obviously I respect all the other religions”

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