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A perfect line for the above picture “Putting your phone away and paying attention to those who are with you ! There is an app for that . Its called Respect”.

With the advancement in technology, we have zillions of ways to communicate nowadays. Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Hike, etc have expedited reaching out to someone who is distant from us. With the introduction of video call we can have an actual interaction where we can not only talk to someone but can also see them. Today we spend most of our time on our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. We are busy texting someone, doing video calls, scrolling the news feed on social network, etc trying to maintain touch with those who are distant.

But are we actually happy and satisfied with these chatting, voice calls, video calls (or better to call it a virtual communication)? Are we actually getting that emotional satisfaction ? Are we actually living a cheerful life ? Inspite of so many virtual friends, most of us are still feeling alone and world is empty for us.

Earlier technology was not that advanced and there were limited ways of communication like letters, telegrams, postcards, etc . Telephones and calls were not feasible. Despite of all this, people enjoyed their life actually. They used to make out time for their friends and family. Hangouts with dear ones were meant to enjoy life, have fun, get rid of stress, tension and cherish those moments. People had an emotional connection and satisfaction.

Today we all have busy schedules and hardly have time to meet our dear ones. Even if we hangout with our friends and family, it’s more a show off rather than an enjoyment. While hanging out with our friends in 5 stars, cafes, malls, the first thought that come in our mind is to do a checkin on social networks to tell others where we are at that time. Pictures that were meant to save some special memories forever are now meant to share those special moments with those who are not with us, to get likes and pleasing comments. Even though we are physically with someone but mentally we are busy with those who are not there with us.

This virtual communication has removed physical distance but it has caused emotional gap. Most of us are emotionally tired, irritated, alone and in need of emotional support from someone.

Virtual socialising is not bad but it has led to estrangement. Trying to maintain touch with those who are distant from us we are losing touch with those who are actually with us. The meaning of communication has changed from physical interaction to texting , sharing jokes and pictures, etc. It was meant to express our thoughts and feelings, making sure they are conveyed correctly to the other person, getting the emotional support and majorly having an emotional satisfaction and happiness at the end of the day that we spent a good day and we are actually living a life.


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