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Earthiya Onion & Ginger Hair Oil - The Ultimate Panacea for All Hair Problems

Earthiya Onion & Ginger Hair Oil – The Ultimate Panacea for All Hair Problems

Hair care routines are a big yes when it comes to dry and damaged hair, and nothing is better than a perfect ayurvedic blend of onion and ginger oil. In order to provide the best nourishment and care, Earthiya, a well-known hair care brand has launched an ayurvedic product which contains 14 essential oils and 18 natural extracts. This product not only helps in promoting healthier hair growth but also makes them stronger than ever.

This magical hair oil contains natural DHT blockers which block the DHT hormones present in both men and women. These hormones, when in abundance, are actually responsible for hair fall leading to severe baldness. The naturally sourced extracts block these DHT hormones, henceforth reducing the hair fall.

Being rich in plant based ingredients along with the goodness of sulphur, minerals, oleic & linoleic acids and various essential vitamins, Earthiya’s onion & ginger hair oil works on the hair in a gentle way, making it softer, shinier, and manageable, even on those days when it does not feel like it.


Earthiya Onion & Ginger Hair Oil


The way it is made free of parabens, silicones and mineral oils, it is getting popular day by day among the individuals. The ingredients help the hair stay nourished as they have several antibiotic properties. Not only this, but it is a pure and natural vegan product with no chemicals and toxins. Controlling and reducing dandruff, improving hair strength, moisturizing dry scalps, removing split ends, taming frizziness, providing essential nutrients, are the major benefits just to name a few.

Suited for both women and men of all ages, and working on all hair types (dry, dull, frizzy, wavy, thick, thin, color treated etc.), this ayurvedic blended hair oil is a panacea for mankind. The directions to use it follow a simple procedure starting with pumping a generous amount of oil on the palm; gently massaging on hair roots; leaving for 30 minutes or more (keeping overnight for better results); and then finally washing off with a regular shampoo. The brand usually recommends to use it thrice a week for achieving the best results. With this, the brand is about to launch onion & ginger hair shampoo and conditioner very soon on the demand of their customers. Lastly, but not to skip, this brand provides a plantable seeds pack to their customers with every purchase they make.


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