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Dodi Khan the rising star, working towards growth and passion

Dodi Khan the rising star, working towards growth and passion

Life begins when we begin to implement instead of just dreaming and adjusting to our dreams. This is where the true story starts, and a person without the right intentions always gets stuck. We decide with what aim we wish to move ahead and to what extent we are willing to go to be who we should be. There is a crowd but only a crowd which nose to follow it. They know, even if the opportunity is small, take it, grab it and do not let go. In a crowd as such, the name of Dodi Khan too seemed to be rising like a star. All his efforts have brought him here, and that makes him eligible for what he will become. He is one inspiring artist whose journey began from the advertisement of Lipton tea and today has landed him to an upcoming project named Oreo in India. The best part is he has also taken steps to fulfill the same.

“Nothing is more powerful than being who you wish to be.” According to Dodi Khan, his struggle is what made him have this mentality and consider every project to be equally important. Dodi started working at a very young age when he was just in class 10th. It was not that money that pushed him; it was his unexpected passion, emotions, and connection with his idol, Mr. Sanjay Dutt. All he wanted was to meet him, to work with them. For him, the life story of his idol motivates him to keep going, and he never wishes to stop. This is one major reason why when Dodi got offered a role from an Indian film, Oreo, he took it. Currently, he is living in Amsterdam and, with his business background, is also concentrating on the same.

If asked about this, all that happened and how he thinks it will all go ahead, he says, “Believe me when I say, I was sent to the wrong place by my brother who wanted me to take his place in my first commercial of Lipton tea. I had no idea what to do, and I actually got a bit frustrated after seeing that I was just a part of the crowd, but in that crowd, when that one face of mine was noticed, my confidence was high again. All I wanted was to take a step ahead, and with 2nd commercial, I did not stop; I just went ahead and took it. I am very optimistic, and this is what keeps me going and talking about how it will go, even I have no idea, but I will do every single thing to make sure I get landed up to that one work that can allow me to work with Sanjay Dutt.” He seems to be quite optimistic, and none could stop a person who is as such. All one can do is to wait and watch for his heart to get that one part.

Dodi Khan is not just an actor, but his interest also lies in kickboxing, swimming, bodybuilding, horse riding, and football. According to him, he has given his all no matter what part he chose. He also takes Salman Khan and his charity as an inspiration. He is not just inspired, but he is also a kind heart who shares a part of his earnings with those who need it. He has always seen thanking his mentor, Nabeel Zafar, the Pakistan actor and Hassan Zia, who helped him get his role in Oreo. It seems like he has a kind heart that never forgets to thank people who have been part of his journey and have supported him continuously.

Some of the best projects that Dodi Khan has been part of include Oreo, Chaudhary, Ghabrana nahi and many other international projects. He has worked with some big names, including Yograj Singh, Freddy and Saba Qamar. As of now, he is building his future plans from the Netherlands, and he has been planning to make many Bollywood movies apart from just being an actor in the same. He wishes to bring forward the stories of real-world heroes, and he wants to connect the people with them. His idea of working globally makes him open to diverse cultures and shows a broad mindset. People like him should emerge more so that the world can have all those people to “Improve what it is and ensure what should be.”


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