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‘Do not miss the beginning’– an initiative by PVR

‘Do not miss the beginning’! – this is the first thought that comes to the mind of any moviegoer when they book their favourite movie? One would rush, jump rows, and make an online booking just so that you don’t miss the beginning. Quite often we see moviegoers taking a sigh of happy relief when they realise that the trailers are playing or the National Anthem is playing and the movie hasn’t started.

However, a video created by PVR Cinemas this Independence Day had a different message. The video begins with a little boy rushing to watch a movie with his old grandfather and like most of us, doesn’t want to miss the beginning. He runs up the escalator while his grandfather tries to catch up with him. While in the queue for the tickets, they see a young couple hurrying up so that they don’t miss the beginning as well. As all of them reach the screen, they’re glad that they haven’t missed the movie and the National Anthem is in progress. While the couple happily engages in some banter, the little boy in unhappy and requests the staff to let him in. To this, the staff reassures him that the movie hasn’t started. The boy proudly replies that he didn’t want to miss the National Anthem. The staff is moved by his reply and allows him in.

This video was released by PVR Cinemas on this Independence Day and received acclaim for the brilliant content, what better way to say that the beginning of the PVR movie experience isn’t after the trailers but with the beginning of the National Anthem. The video evokes patriotic emotions and makes all feel aware about our responsibility as the citizens of the country.

PVR Cinemas has been instrumental in making the most of such moments earlier as well and showing how we in our small could participate and make a difference to each cause.

They also very recently released a video with the brave BSF Jawans and their families where they treated them and their families to a show of the recently released Mission Mangal. PVR has been very active on social media and doing some disruptive innovation making viewers eagerly wait for their next content!

Here is the link to the video –


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