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Devir singh Bhandari’s messages to the nation

Devir Singh Bhandari shares his views on India’s current situation in fight against corona

His views and take on the current situation –

Since the start of the pandemic, the one stand that we have taken is to stay positive at all costs. In times of uncertainty, we have chosen to go with the positive side of the outcome.
On the other hand, we have not forgotten our role as responsible citizens. Considering the impact that Covid 19 has had, we do understand that things will function differently for a while.

Business has taken a hit yes. But as the cliche goes – tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Being guided by this very powerful principle, we have launched our new initiative – Klover.

The principle idea rests on few simple facts:

1. Many a people have lost their jobs.

2. Sanititisation is the only way forward.

3. In the coming days, offices, homes, public places, institutions – every place will be in need of repeated & efficient sanitisation.

4. There is an immediate need of cost effective machines that help sanitise places efficiently.


Keeping in mind all the above factors, Klover is an ambitious undertaking where we are trying to bridge a lot of gaps and create a win win at various levels.

Klover is based on a simple model: we provide efficient and cost effective sanitising machines and the required skill set to operate them to individuals who are in need of jobs.

We plan to create for them a platform where customers can reach out to them and avail their services for sanitizing their premises. These services will be offered at considerate prices and the machines being made available at conservative costs, the buyers will be able to recover costs in the first 3 months of purchase.

The entire structure has been given a thorough thought keeping in mind how best can we utilise manpower and provide them a platform and a means of earning that can lead to immediate income generation.

Our facility will be giving them a thorough training so as to make the services absolutely efficient.

We are already involved in the manufacturing of sanitizers and masks. Klover is an initiative to take things to the next level and help secure the world through a bigger platform.

My book, YB is all set for it’s launch. And when I look back, I see how that book and the various inspirational stories prepared me for what we are facing today. The people we have talked about in the book have been instrumental in shaping up my thought process and teaching me how to be adaptive and emerge a winner from all situations.

It also brought about a realisation that it’s high time that I did my bit towards nation building and Klover is bringing in that satisfaction.
It bought about a metamorphosis and I hope it will do the same for othere too.

Devir Singh Bhandari, the founder of Klover is the chairman of the DSB Group. A successful film maker, Devir is involved in various philintrophic activities and multiple economic initiatives.


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