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Delhi’s RWA are above the High Court Order.

Even when we say, while introducing a scheme or programme, that we are progressing to achieve an equality while trying to reduce the generation gap understanding the needs and interests of the young and old alike we often overlook the fact that things aren’t always as beautiful as they seem. The tussle is usually what lies between the not so harmonious relationship of both as one lives with the superiority of age and other with their demands put above all.

One such case where we feel that somewhere there is violation of Delhi High Court’s order to keep the demands of old over the young has sprouted from C-3 Block of Ashok Vihar in North West Delhi. In the case in context even after Delhi High Court’s order their respective RWA took no step to provide for the welfare of younger and older generations alike. Instead completely barred the young children and adults from using the park for their recreational activities like sports. Here instead as a compensation these youngsters were offered a spot as vulnerable as playing on the road amidst traffic leading to grevious injuries such as fracture of collar bone, muscle tear and some serious injuries to the youngsters. Moreover the water sprinkled by RWA is not sprinkled rather spread in such a manner that puddles are created leaving the area wet enough even to walk. (Refer Video)

In the name of development of the park RWA has initiated a beautifying drive to make park aesthetically fit for the older generation, completely neglecting the youngsters’ demands. We contacted the President of the RWA and he didn’t commented on the issue. We tried contacting some residents of the society out some said “If children won’t play in their own park, then where? And if somewhere else, what about their security?”. A resident also said “We don’t play in our drawing rooms, the Park is drawing room of our block”.

Irrationally thought the idea of using a park for playing sports like football not just benefit youngsters to maintain a healthy life away from obesity but also helps them in socialising and learning the basic lessons of team work and competition spirit in addition to lowering their chances of becoming couch potatoes. Also if seen in a better light one can find that symbiotic relationships are harmonious than posing the older generations just as ‘selfish giants’ as parks belong to everyone irrespective of age as RWAs should by now realise this. Providing the adults and youngsters their own space for indulging in independent space for creative games and sports is a good idea as they help in providing the park a better view of life with their laughter. After all, even between the unceasing tussle there is a hope and wish for happiness on the both sides.


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