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Comedy Munch: Where Laughter Meets Profession

Comedy Munch: Where Laughter Meets Profession

When you think of comedy now a days, in a world full of technologies and endless opportunities, we can imagine some witty humorous people performing stand-up comedy. ROFL is no more just a slang, it has become more relatable owing to the new age comics. And what if on that stage, we see a bank bencher comedian from our class performing and making people crack out of laughter or someone we’ve always known for making everyone laugh at correct timings, how overwhelming of an experience would it be! That’s the exact idea of having a platform where people from all walks of life who are like any of us would come together to put their best jokes together and share with people what they’re best at. And as we all know nothing is greater than a morale boost and appreciation from the audience the artist’s work for; live for!

The idea to start something like this came to the founder of Comedy Munch, Anuj Sehgal, back in 2015 and it was fueled by attending a comic show back then.

Over the time with hard work and conviction he managed to get together 60 comedians primarily.

Comedy Munch, believes in spreading happiness and with this agenda in mind they organise happiness sessions and gigs across the country which is one stop destination for relieving out all the stress accumulated by the discomforts of life. With corporates as one of their major clientele the sessions are organised at various corporate offices for zesting up the employees and adding that dose of laughter boosting them to live up to the higher aspirations.

As these people believe in the idea ‘when life throws some lemons at you, make some lemonade out of it’, they constantly strive to spread happiness with their ‘बंदीPun’ which is an endeavor to provide a women only platform for female comedians to not just express their talent but also celebrate their women hood by taking pride in their special set of chromosomes.

Comedy Munch is one of the largest and fastest growing platform not just for comedians but for content creators as well as every art holds a depth to it and they believe in perseverance and spreading smiles.

The idea of ‘मंच’, their new initiative, is to bring different artists from varying genres together under one roof and bring what they could best reaching wider audience on and off line and their content appreciated.

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